Nike Lunar Control 3 Golf Shoe Review

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The Nike Lunar Control 3 golf shoe is another improvement on the best all-around shoe in golf.


There are lots of great golf shoes on the market.  No matter what your priority is – comfort, traction, support – you can find a shoe to meet your needs.  In my opinion, however, the Nike Lunar Control 3 is that rare shoe that delivers the optimal balance of performance, style, and comfort

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You can see above that for the Lunar Control 3, Nike is sticking with a similar look while making enough tweaks to keep it fresh.  From the first generation to the present, there’s one dominant color with a large, contrast swoosh and sole, and subtle details.

With the Lunar Control 3, the two things I like most are the color combinations and the textures of the shoe.  Nike has always offered the Lunar Control in some toned-down colorways (black or white with platinum accents), but there are some spicy combos too: the signature white/volt seen here and platinum/crimson.  With regard to texture, I think this version best shows off the FlyWire construction that gives the shoe support without adding weight.

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Like all the best apparel, the Nike Lunar Control 3 is the kind of shoe that you forget you’re wearing.  Right out of the box they’re comfortable, stable, and well-cushioned in the key areas such as the collar around your ankle.

There’s no break in period required with these, but the feel is a bit firmer than some of the uber-soft shoes that are out there.  To me, it just comes down to a matter of preference: do you want to walk on pillows or have more of a direct connection with the ground.

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If you’ve read any of my past shoe reviews, you know that two things are key for me: having great traction and being close to the ground.  It seems evident to me that Nike really values my opinion, because these are the two major changes that were made for the Lunar Control 3.

You can see in the picture above that the Lunar Control 3 has added a seventh spike where the past two models had only six.  I’m not Ben Hogan, so I can’t honestly say that I could feel that extra spike, but I can say that the traction is excellent.  As with all the Lunar Control shoes, I felt like I could really drive off the turf without fear of slipping or losing my balance.

Similarly, the lower profile of the newest Lunar Control is not night-and-day different than past models, but it is a noticeable upgrade.  To me, the Lunar Control shoes have always been low enough to please barefoot types like me, without feeling alien to the uninitiated.  The Lunar Control 3 feels lower than past models – particularly in the mid-foot – which really enhances my feeling for the ground.

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Overall, the new Nike Lunar Control 3 is exactly what I expected: it’s an improved version of what was already the best all-around shoe in golf.  It’s comfortable, it’s light, it has great traction, and it’s low to the ground.  There’s simply nothing more I want from a golf shoe.

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  1. David Mifflin

    Great Titleist driver and hybrid reviews. The nike Lunar control 2-3 reviews will make me buy Nike luar control 3

  2. Just picked up a pair of the Lunar control 3s on clearance and they look like they have a different spike lock from what my Dryjoys had…. Do you have any recommendation for replacement spikes to stash in my shoe bag?
    I’ve been using cyclones, which are pretty durable, but always keeping a little extra grass in them lol.
    I know cleats are a small detail, but I wonder if you have any suggestions

    • Matt Saternus


      Honestly, I don’t. I tend to use whatever comes with the shoe, and, being spoiled for gear, I haven’t had to change spikes in a long time.



      • LOL!
        I figured you’d be on to the next shoe before the spikes needed service….
        I did some digging and they list Champ ScorpionStinger spikes on the Nike website, but this is incorrect and they actually use Champ Zarma Tour Slim-Lok Golf Spikes. But there is no way to match the original colors that came with the shoe, so I bought a pack of black/grey to be as neutral as possible.
        Just thought I’d contribute an answer in case anyone else ever looks for this answer…

  3. paul wansell

    Are the sizing of these generous…I am normally a uk 10.5 but these are not available in half sizes?

    thanks in advance

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