Nike Lunar Control 4 Golf Shoe Review

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The Nike Lunar Control 4 golf shoe has a bold, athletic look, but maintains the perfect blend of comfort and stability that this line is known for.

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Sometimes even the best product lines need a shake up, and the Nike Lunar Control 4 is definitely that.  It ditches the toned-down look of previous versions for a truly bold look, but it hangs on to the tremendous performance that has made it a perennial favorite.

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One hallmark of the Lunar Control series has been out-of-the-box comfort, and the Nike Lunar Control 4 certainly has that.  These shoes went straight from the photo shoot to a six hour day on the course, and they kept my feet happy the entire time.  The comfort, just like the performance, comes from balance: they’re light, but they still have cushioning and support.

The new addition for the LC4 is the “Nike Control Platform” under the midfoot.  This promotes a smooth weight shift by giving the sole more structure.  Though it does add some rigidity to the sole, it’s still flexible enough to be comfortable while walking.

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In the picture above, you can see the history of the Lunar Control golf shoe.  What I’ve always liked about the Lunar Controls is that they strike a balance between the look of a traditional golf shoe and an athletic shoe.  With the Lunar Control 4, Nike threw balance out the window and went for the bold, athletic look…and I love it.  With the giant swoosh sprawling across the toe, The LC4 has more in common with Nike’s soccer and basketball shoes than with a traditional saddle shoe.  This striking look carries throw all the way to the sole which sports Nike’s trademark slogan, “Just Do It.”

The Lunar Control 4 is currently available in three colorways, black/white, white/crimson, and white/silver, but if none of them suit you, can can explore over 22 million possible combinations through the custom NikeID program.

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The reason that Nike’s Lunar Control shoes have been my go-to footwear for the last three seasons is that they balance all the things I want in a golf shoe: light weight, stability, traction, and a low-to-the-ground profile.  The Nike Lunar Control 4 golf shoe maintains this balance while further emphasizing stability.

While the Lunar Control 4 is the shoe that most of Nike’s staff will wear on tour, it was designed primarily for Rory McIlroy.  That meant building a shoe that could help one of the game’s most explosive players keep his footwork under control.  Nike achieved this with their Dynamic Flywire technology and an asymmetrical heel design.  When I put these into play, I wasn’t exactly thinking, “Wow, this asymmetrical heel really works,” but I was thinking, “It’s really nice to swing all-out and not lose my balance.”  Maintaining stability and balance on full swings is something every golfer can appreciate, even if you don’t have Rory’s horsepower.

In addition to being light and stable, the Lunar Control 4 has great waterproofing.  Golfing in November and December means some muddy conditions, and the LC4 kept my feet perfectly dry.

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Once again, Nike’s Lunar Control is my clubhouse leader for best shoe of 2016.  The Nike Lunar Control 4 continues the line’s tradition of balancing all the key elements: comfort, stability, light weight, and traction.  Your search for a new golf shoe should start here.

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