Nike Lunar Command 2 Golf Shoe Review

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The Nike Lunar Command 2 golf shoe is an all-around high performance golf shoe.  Even better with Boa.


While it didn’t receive the hype of Rory’s new shoe, the Nike Lunar Command 2 has been put into play by loads of Nike’s PGA Tour players.  The reasons are obvious once you put it on: from comfort to traction, this shoe wants for nothing.


The Nike Lunar Command 2 has tremendous out-of-the-box comfort that only gets better as you break them in.  I think the key to the comfort is Nike’s Lunarlon cushioning.  There are plenty of shoes that give you a ton of padding, and other shoes give you a great connection to the ground.  The Lunar Command 2 hits a sweet spot where you have a sense of the ground without beating up your feet.


By Nike’s bold standards, the Lunar Command 2 is a conservative looking shoe.  The swoosh, while large, is mainly confined to the sides of the shoe, leaving the toe mostly unadorned.  The Flywire technology provides for an interesting visual detail without screaming, “Look at me!”  Overall, the Lunar Command 2 is designed to be your everyday, go-to golf shoe.

The Nike Lunar Command 2 is available in black or white with Boa or white, black/white, black/orange, and grey/volt with laces.


If a golf shoe is comfortable, performance comes down to two main things: traction and waterproofing.  In Chicago’s sloppy spring conditions, the Lunar Command 2 was tested on both counts and passed with flying colors.

The Lunar Command 2 has seven removable spikes as well as an aggressive tread pattern in the sole.  Even in soupy lies, they gave me a stable base to swing from.  They were equally impressive on the occasional bare, dry lie, digging in and letting me swing hard without sliding.

Just as important, the Lunar Command 2 gave me the confidence to search for my ball in swampy lies without fear of soggy feet.  Even in standing water, my socks stayed dry.  These shoes come with a one year waterproof warranty.

Finally, I feel compelled to say a few words about how great Boa is.  I’ve never had a pair of shoes with Boa before, but now I want it in all my shoes.  The first thing that I noticed was how the shoe tightens uniformly across your foot.  We’re all familiar with the feeling of pulling your laces tight only to have the top of the shoe strangling your foot and the bottom loose.  Not an issue with Boa.  Also, you don’t have to worry about the shoe getting loose or coming untied during the round.  When you’re walking through puddles, not having to retie soaked laces is a big plus.


At $135 ($155 with Boa), the the Nike Lunar Command 2 golf shoe is not only one of the best golf shoes of 2017, it’s also an amazing value.  This shoe has top shelf comfort in addition to checking all the boxes when it comes to performance.  And if you haven’t tried Boa yet, spring for it here and thank me later.

Buy the Nike Lunar Command 2 HERE

Matt Saternus


  1. Sorry that big white Swoosh is no Bueno no matter how good they feel.

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