Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 Golf Shoe Review

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The Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 golf shoe packages the ultra-grabby sole of its predecessor in a style that more golfers can wear.  Tremendous comfort.


Nike took a major risk last year with the Lunar Control Vapor, replacing traditional spikes with “Articulated Integrated Traction.”  I found that they performed brilliantly on the course, and clearly I wasn’t alone, because the A.I.T. sole is back in the Lunar Control Vapor 2.


While it’s still a bold, athletic-style shoe, the look of the Lunar Control Vapor 2 has been dialed down a bit from the original.  The swoosh has been moved from the toe a more traditional placement.  The Flywire construction of the Lunar Control Vapor is dialed back, aeshthetically, but the split tongue remains.

Overall, I think it’s a great looking shoe that anyone can wear.

The Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 is available in white, black, white/grey/teal, and navy/white (seen here).


One of the most consistent themes in my numerous years of writing golf reviews is that I love Nike shoes.  Everyone has a brand of shoes or clothing that always works for them, and for me it’s Nike.

The minute I slipped into the Lunar Control Vapor 2, I got that familiar balance of structure, cushioning, and freedom of movement.  I think it’s a recipe that will suit a huge majority of golfers.  If you want the most cushioned shoe or the most flexible or the most structured, this isn’t it.  What the LC Vapor 2 delivers is a blend of those elements that keeps you comfortable and allows for high level performance.


As with the previous iteration, what stands out most about the Lunar Control Vapor 2 is the sole.  There are no removable spikes, but the Articulated Integrated Traction is also miles from your typical spikeless shoe.  In my opinion, the A.I.T. sole provides more traction than any other sole, spiked or not.

Chicago winter has provided some unique testing environments, and the A.I.T. sole has delivered in all of them.  When the ground is hard and dry, I was able to dig in and make a balanced swing.  These shoes provided an equally stable platform when it was sloppy and wet.

The one hazard to be aware of is that the A.I.T. does not provide much traction on pavement.  Especially when it’s wet, I’d encourage you to put your LC Vapor 2s in a shoe bag and swap into them just before you step onto the grass.

Like most high end golf shoes, the Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 carries a two-year waterproof guarantee.


If maximizing traction is high on your priority list, the Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 golf shoe is one that you need to try.  From soft, wet conditions to hard, dry surfaces, they provide a stable platform from which you can make an aggressive swing.  To top that off, the updated style is one that will look good on almost any golfer.

Buy the Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2 HERE

Matt Saternus


  1. Chris Viducich

    I just got a pair of The Lunar Vaporstorm that I am looking forward to trying asap! Same sole but with the waterproof zip up enclosure. They finally came out in grey which I prefer a lot better than the black ones. And I am definitely on the Nike shoe bandwagon!

  2. Hey Matt great review as always. Can you tell me about the fit related to the Nike flyknit elite that has these soles? The flyknit elites seem to run rather large. Thanks!

    • Matt Saternus


      Thank you!

      My only experience with Flyknit Nikes is the Chukka, which ran 1 size larger than normal. In the LC Vapor 2, I wore my normal 14, and it’s perfect.



  3. Hi Matt,

    Any update or change in performance in wet conditions with these after more experience with them?
    I need to replace an older pair of lunar controls with spikes, but I’m still a bit hesitant to go spikeless…

  4. Hi Matt,
    Im in between these and the Nike FI impact 3. I like the traction of the Lunar Control Vapor, but also like the idea of having a more traditional spikeless like the FI Impact 3 that can go from grass to concrete no problem. I am a bit nervous of wrecking the traction on these if i have to walk on a cart path or just going from course to car. Any advice?

  5. adam anava

    Hey Matt,

    If I remember correctly, you had been using the Nike Vapor Lunar Control line of shoes for a few years. I have been using them for the past 4 years and am in need of a new pair. I’m completely lost now since it seems Nike has changed their approach in golf shoes to more casual, spikeless models.
    I really like the low-to-ground stance of the Nike’s, and was wondering if I missed the info on the current release, or if you’ve found another go-to shoe that has replaced the Nike’s for you?



    • Matt Saternus


      I’ve been wearing TRUE most of the time for the last couple years. If you want to be low to the ground, nothing else comes close.



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