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The best all-around shoe of 2013 comes back with new colors and a significant performance improvement.


In golf equipment, where product life cycles last the blink of an eye, being on top is a mixed blessing.  While it’s great to be number 1, continuing to improve on the best is extremely difficult.  This was the challenge that Nike faced in following up the Lunar Control golf shoe: how could they make it better?

Nike has proven, once again, to be up to the challenge as the Lunar Control II features marked performance benefits over the original in addition to some bold new color choices.

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If you wear enough different shoes, you start to realize that every manufacturer has a signature feel.  For some makers, that’s pillow-soft cushioning, for others it’s rock-solid structure.  To me, the signature of a Nike golf shoe is an ideal balance between comfort and support.  There’s no break-in period required with the Lunar Control 2; I took mine to the course immediately with no ill effects.  However, this shoe also offers the support you would expect from a shoe built for athletes.

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The Lunar Control II, while certainly not traditional, is a shoe that almost any golfer can look good wearing.  It definitely nods towards Nike’s athletic shoe roots, but not in an over-the-top “I’m golfing in gym shoes” way.  It’s a balancing act between modern and understated that few can pull off.

For those that want to turn the volume up on their shoes, the Lunar Control II does offer some really bold options.  The white/pink colorway is a true head turner, and the white/lime style should play well with the younger set.  For those that prefer to tone it down, there are a couple basic black and white styles as well.

*Note: The pair shown here is part of Nike’s limited edition run for the Masters, not a standard colorway.

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There are a number of strong performance elements in the Nike Lunar Control 2.  Let’s start with one of the most obvious: traction.  I like spikeless shoes as much as the next guy, but they simply don’t provide the same traction as “real” spikes.  The Lunar Control 2 utilizes just six spikes per shoe, but they’re placed strategically so that you won’t have to worry about slipping regardless of the conditions.

Additionally, the Lunar Control II is lightweight and well balanced.  Again, if you’ve tried enough shoes you’ll know what I mean.  Some shoes feel like all the weight is in the sole, tying you down to the ground.  Some shoes feel like all the weight is sitting on top of your foot.  With the Lunar Control II, the weight is evenly distributed to minimize fatigue during the round.

Finally, and this is the most noticeable improvement over last year, the Lunar Control II moves with your foot beautifully.  If you look at the sole, you’ll notice that it’s not one flat piece of plastic – it’s segmented with five different “creases.”  Nike refers to this as the Power Platform and Power Transfer Zone, and it allows your foot to turn, pivot, and bend naturally throughout the golf swing.  What it ultimately delivers is a feeling of greater athleticism and ground connection in the swing.

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For my money, there simply isn’t a shoe that can compete with the Nike Lunar Control II for all around quality.  At $160 with a two-year waterproof warranty, they are a strong value since no other shoe can match this combination of comfort, style, and performance.

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