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The New Level SPN wedges are versatile short game tools with good spin and consistent launch.  SS and VS designed for low and high lofts, respectively.  FF model built for the short game artists.


Choosing a wedge can be confusing.  With a wealth of grind options and even more names, it can be hard to know what to put into your bag.  The recently released New Level SPN wedges aim to simplify the process.  I evaluated each of the three offerings – SS, VS, and FF – to see how well they serve their purpose.


The New Level SPN wedges have a compact look at address.  This gives them a player-preferred look, in keeping with their new 480 irons [480-MC review HERE].

The shape of the wedges changes noticeably across the three models that I tested.  I found the straightest leading edge in the 54 degree SS model (above).  This gave the wedge a shape closer to the traditional teardrop.

While not dramatically different, the 60 degree New Level SPN-VS wedge (above) has a more rounded leading edge.  The heel is also slightly taller, giving this wedge a round shape.  Some players prefer this shape for open faced shots as the club doesn’t seem to be pointed way from the target.

Between the SS (left) and VS (right) is the New Level SPN-FF wedge.  The shape of this wedge is very similar to the VS, but the obvious difference is that the grooves that extend all the way to the toe.

In the bag, the New Level SPN wedges are very clean.  There’s very little engraving with only a small “NL” logo near the toe and “SPN” with the model on the heel.  Unlike the New Level M Type wedge [review HERE], the New Level SPN wedges are offered in only a brushed silver finish.

Sound & Feel

At impact, the New Level SPN-SS and SPN-VS wedges deliver a soft feel and a quiet, crisp sound.  The forged 1020 carbon steel offers a moderate reward for perfect strikes, the feel being slightly softer than hits that are merely good.  There is some feedback offered through both the ears and hands, but it’s not extreme.

My experience with the New Level SPN-FF wedge was slightly different on perfect strikes.  With this wedge, those absolutely flush shots felt transcendent.  It was the kind of soft that makes you wonder if the ball even hit the face.


Let’s start with a quick description of each of the wedges.  The New Level SPN-SS wedge is the Standard Sole.  This is meant for shots hit with a square face and is offered in the lower lofts.  The New Level SPN-VS wedge is the Versatile Sole, built with more heel, toe, and trailing edge relief to accommodate open face shots.

The New Level SPN-FF wedge has Full Face grooves.  You can see above that the SPN-FF has a similar sole to the SPN-VS with significant heel, toe, and trailing edge relief, but there are two key differences.  The SPN-FF has a slightly wider sole, but the bounce is lower – 6 or 7 degrees (depending on loft) versus 10 degrees in all of the SPN-SS and SPN-VS wedges.

While there are meaningful difference among the three models, I found them all to be versatile.  The SPN-SS has a thin sole and is more than capable of hitting different shots.  While some may regard 10 degrees of bounce as fairly high, the leading edge doesn’t dramatically lift off the ground when the face is opened.

In my launch monitor testing, all of the New Level SPN wedges produced good spin numbers.  New Level states that they kept more weight higher in the club to control ball flight.  I would say that the SPN wedges are in line with most major OEM Tour-style wedges in that regard.  These did launch 1-2 degrees higher than my Edison 2.0 wedges [review HERE], but were consistent with both launch and spin.

One other thing I noticed in my testing is that the sweet spot of the New Level SPN wedges is on the heel side of geometric center.  This is true of the Vokey SM10 [review HERE] also, because Tour players feel this gives them more control of the face.  My short game is decidedly not Tour quality, but I do tend to miss on the heel side, so this shift suited me very well.

Finally, New Level Golf offers golfers the ability to buy the SPN wedges as head only.  For players that like to build their own clubs or those that want a specific shaft not offered by New Level, this is a great option.  Buying the head alone costs $100 compared to the complete club cost of $150.  At the time of this writing, New Level is also offering a discount on multiple wedges – two for $260 and three for $360.


The New Level SPN wedges make it easier to assemble your wedge set but don’t sacrifice quality or versatility.  With a clean, compact look and superb feel, they have a lot of appeal, especially for the better player.

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    improve my knowledge.

  2. Matt, Thanks for the nice review. I’ve had my eye on these wedges since they were released a few months ago. Specific questions regarding the VS grind. When you open the face, does the sole sit close to the turf? Also, when playing the VS in a square to the target position, do you find adequate bounce for soft turf conditions? Similar to Wedgeworks V Grind? Thanks for your additional insights.

    • Matt Saternus

      Yes, I felt like the leading edge stays close to the turf with the face open, and there was adequate bounce for soft turf.



  3. So no bounce options? Seems a miss! Pass

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