New Balance Golf 2004 Shoe Review


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Although a good looking golf shoe, the New Balance Golf 2004 falls short in comfort.



I have no doubt that New Balance has some logic behind their model numbers, but it’s certainly confusing to me when the digits are so close to recent years.  In the spring of 2015, Matt S reviewed the NBG 2003.  Logic tells me this new NBG 2004 is the update to the 2003, but the latter sure looks like another new model, the NBG 1005.  My confusion aside, New Balance continues to make shoes for virtually every sport on the planet.  What they lack in golf is a professional ambassador to evoke a “tour proven” reputation.



The comfort of the New Balance Golf 2004 falls into both the good and bad categories.  First the good.  The mid-foot and toe box uppers are completely smooth inside, created without sewing, in what New Balance calls its Fantom Fit.  The heel area has reasonable padding, while the tongue includes extra cushioning for lacing in the fit.

Now the bad: the foot bed and sole design don’t adequately isolate the cleat locations, resulting in pressure points.  For me it’s just too noticeable for a comfortable round of golf.



Many of the New Balance Golf models could be mistaken for running shoes, but the 2004 looks like a golf shoe in my book.  From the side, the heel and sole have interesting angles, and I like the way the color changes from black to blue.  The sole itself has some sparkles in the mold to further mesmerize your playing partners as you hold the pose after a well-struck tee shot.  The dark grey material around the heel has a subtle stripey-ness for more visual appeal.  The shoe is also available in black or white.



The New Balance Golf 2004 offers a nice balance between rigidity and mobility.   During the swing sequence, the shoe provides a solid platform for loading and good flexibility as the feet want to push off the ground.  Traction is right in line with expectations for a spiked shoe.



Based on their good looks and New Balance’s reputation in the shoe category, I was looking forward to putting these in my playing rotation.  From the foot bed up, the New Balance Golf 2004 shoes are comfortable.  Performance is good, but not of much use when you’re mindful of the pressure points.   Unfortunately, these shoes don’t make the cut for me.

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    From your experience what are the most comfortable golf shoes?

    • Matt Meeker

      For the shoes I wore in 2016, the Adidas Adipower Boost 2 were the most comfortable.

      Happy New Year.

      Matt M

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