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Mizzen and Main Dress Shirt Review

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The performance dress shirt from Mizzen+Main, better known as “Phil Mickelson’s dress shirt,” gets a big thumbs up.  Great stretch and breathability.


When Phil Mickelson rolled up to The Masters and The Players Championship in a long sleeve dress shirt, golf Twitter went wild.  Many lampooned the break from tradition, a few bold souls applauded the move, but no one would could knock Phil’s self-deprecation.  “I think nobody does kind of slightly overweight middle-aged guy better than me,” he quipped.  How can you not love that?

Jokes aside, we were eager to see if these shirts really do perform on the course, regardless of your BMI.


Though the overall look is more formal, Mizzen+Main offers a variety of styles across their three collections of dress shirts.  Their website can be deceptive: it appears that there’s little but white and blue, however if you click on a given style of shirt, you’ll find many more colors.

One detail that I appreciate is the convertible cuff.  Available in the Blue Label shirts, these cuffs work both with a standard button and with cuff links.


This is the dress shirt I’ve been looking for my entire life.  Mizzen+Main offers their shirts in a three different fits: Trim, Trim Tall, and Standard.  What you get with the Trim fits are darts in the back that take up the extra fabric that would otherwise bunch up around your waist.  This makes all the difference in how the shirt looks and feels.

Outside of the darts, I found the fit to be true-to-size.  There was ample room in the chest and sleeves, but it still had a neat, tailored appearance.


My first test of the Mizzen+Main performance dress shirt was during a cool morning round with my pal Adam from Golf Unfiltered.  The temperature was in the 60’s, but the sun was moving in and out of thick cloud cover.  I stayed very comfortable in bright sunshine or shade while Adam couldn’t decide if he wanted his jacket on or off.  Score one for the shirt he mocked.

The biggest question about the shirt was the stretch.  Could a dress shirt possibly move well enough to accommodate a golf swing?  The answer is yes.  There was not one time during my round that I felt the shirt limited my swing.  Also, because of the excellent fit, there wasn’t any extra material getting in the way.


While I don’t know that dress shirts will take over golf courses anytime soon, there’s no question that Mizzen + Main shirts will be taking over my closet.  Whether you’re wearing it to golf, dinner, or a board meeting, the fit and style are spectacular.  Just as important, the stretch and breathability of the performance fabric keeps you comfortable in all situations.

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  1. It’s nice to hear the company is thinking about us! I thank you for the article and will visit Mizzen&Main soon.

  2. Thanks for the article. I’m a bigger guy now and need shirts like these.

  3. re: Many lampooned the break from tradition,
    I believe that tradition was a dress shirt, tie, vest, wool sports jacket etc., so really, Phil was just starting back to tradition! Right?

  4. Tom Allison

    There must be an imposter Using my name because I like this brand and actually own 3 .
    Tom Allison

  5. Justin Poole

    If only they would bring the shirts down a bit in price point – $125 is a bit excessive. However, I suppose there aren’t many other brands doing the same thing in terms of stretch and breathability, so they have a bit of a monopoly there.

    Matt – I’d be interested to know now that this post is about 6 months old, how the shirt is holding up?

    • Matt Saternus


      My shirt doesn’t have a ton of wear on it (I don’t dress up that often), but it’s taken washings better than most dress shirts I’ve owned.



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