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The Mizuno T7 wedge feels good, but is lacking in performance upgrades.


While golf is a game that loves its traditions, it also loves technology.  Wedge technology may not receive the amount of attention that driver tech does, but the latest offerings from Cleveland and Edel show us that it can make a huge difference.  This leaves us to wonder, what does the new Mizuno T7 wedge bring to the table?



As I’ve said quite a bit recently, Mizuno is doing everything they can to own blue.  That extends from the crowns of their new JPX-900 woods to the finish of their T7 wedge, though right handed players also have the option of a traditional silver finish.

The shape of the T7 wedge is entirely unremarkable.  The leading edge is neither very round nor perfectly straight, and the overall shape falls between teardrop and round.  This wedge won’t offend anyone, but I doubt it will be anyone’s favorite either.


Sound & Feel

Mizuno opted to use 1025 Boron in this wedge to increase the longevity of the grooves.  While I’ve been very disappointed with the feel of the irons that incorporate Boron, the T7 wedge maintains the soft feel you expect from a Mizuno.



I’ll cut to the chase: the Mizuno T7 wedge is fine but not special.  This is as basic a wedge as you’ll find.  It has adequate spin.  Some of the lofts have a couple bounce options, but there aren’t the wide variety of sole options you get from Edel.  If one of the offerings fits your swing, great.  If not, you’re out of luck.


There’s nothing wrong with the Mizuno T7 wedge, there just isn’t anything to get excited about either.  If you’re a fan of Mizuno, I’m sure this wedge will satisfy you, but I don’t see it creating new converts to the brand.

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