Mizuno MP-18 MMC Irons Review

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The Mizuno MP-18 MMC irons are the most forgiving of the new MP-18 irons.  Multi material construction creates a different feel.


If you’re including the MMC FLI HI, Mizuno released four different irons this past fall.  You would be forgiven for wondering if that leads to some overlap.  We tested the MP-18 MMC against the other irons in the Mizuno line up to see how much they stand apart from the others.


The Mizuno MP-18 MMC irons are designed to blend into a set with the MP-18 MBs and the MP-18 SCs.  The top line is slightly thicker than the MP-18 SC, and there’s a bit more offset.  Next to the SC, the MMC looks pretty similar, but it’s noticeably different than the MB.  Overall, it’s still a good looking player’s iron.

In the bag, the MMC is every bit as clean as the MB and SC.  The titanium plate near the sole puts a little more chrome on the back compared to the other two, but the paint-free look is still very classy.

Sound & Feel

The feel of the MMC is good, but it’s noticeably different than the MP-18 MB or MP-18 SC.  On flush shots, the MMC produces a firmer feel than the other two irons.  The sound is more “click-y” which enhances that harder feel.  In the larger scope of things, this is still an iron with above average feel, but, for me, it falls short next to its brothers.


Launch monitor testing showed me that the MP-18 SC provided a lot of forgiveness compared to the MB.  Stepping from the SC to the MMC, the gap is not nearly as large.  Mishits toward the toe or heel had 1 or occasionally 2 MPH more ball speed with the MMC than the SC.  While that’s not nothing, I don’t know that it’s the kind of difference you would notice on the course.

Where the MMC did impress me was in launch and spin.  Launch and spin numbers were nearly identical from the MMC to the SC to the MB.  This allows you to create your blended set based on the forgiveness you want without needing to worry about different ball flights and bad yardage gaps.

The MMC also allowed for all the shot shaping that the MB and SC did.  If you have the ability, the MMC can help you create any trajectory or curvature that you want.


For me, the MP-18 MB is as good as any blade on the market.  I think the MP-18 SC hits the sweet spot in terms of blending forgiveness with stellar looks and feel.  When lined up against those two irons, the MP-18 MMC falls a little flat.  The jump in forgiveness from the SC to the MMC isn’t huge, but there is a noticeable loss in terms of looks and feel.  If you need a lot of extra help in the long irons, I think the MP-18 MMC FLI HI is the way to go.

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Mizuno MP-18 MMC Irons Price & Specs

Matt Saternus


  1. Hi Matt,
    I liked your review, especially when including quantified results, thank you. Digging deeper into the gapping topic, you addressed, from the SC to the MMC. Did you adjust lofts in your comparison? MMC is two degrees stronger for like labeled irons. Mizuno reps have suggested bending MMC or MB/SC to the same loft of the other line across the combo (an this actually brings the offset progression consistent, too).

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Matt, I am currently playing the MP25 irons and like them but do feel I need a bit more forgiveness at times. If you’ve ever hit the MP25’s, do you feel there is much advantage moving to the MMC’s or even the Fli Hi’s in the long irons? My MP25’s are 2 degrees strong right now.

    • Matt Saternus


      If you want more forgiveness than the MP-25, you should be looking at the JPX-900, assuming you want to stay with Mizuno. The MMC is going to be less forgiving.



  3. Thanks Matt. Good suggestion and I will look into that.

  4. Simon Cheung

    How is the MMC18 compare to the JPX900 Forge!?
    I like the Taylormade P790 too! Any advice!?

    • Matt Saternus


      The best advice is to get a fitting. The P790 is much more forgiving than either of the Mizunos you mention.



  5. Hey Matt,

    I currently play Nike Vapor Fly pro’s ( read your review thought it was spot on) and while I do love them they were not fitted and thus I’m playing the wrong lenght, shaft, and lie. I’ve been getting consistently better and will most likely be around a 10 (currently a 13) by the end of the season. I wouldn’t say I nessisarily “need” new irons however, after looking into modifying my current irons, it almost makes more sense to just double up the cost and get a new set. I’ve been looking at the Mizuno blended set 5 fli hi, 6-7 mmc 8-9 SC, and PW mb. I’ve also looked at the AP 3 -2 , and the p790 and 770. I’ve decided after testing that I’m absolutely a feel guy and hit almost every club with more feel a thiner top line and thiner sole better, however I also understand I need some forgiveness as well. Would Love your thoughts/advice.

    • Matt Saternus


      I would opt for playing what you hit better and enjoy more. If I were in your shoes, my choice would be between the Mizuno and the TM sets. I think the forgiveness in the long irons for the 790s is amazing, but I don’t know how well they blend with the 770 (not doubting the blend, just haven’t tested it). If the Mizunos give you the enjoyment of hitting good shots more often, get those.



  6. Hey Matt,
    How do the MMCs compare to the new JPX 919 Forged irons?

  7. Matt,

    I’m looking to blend the MMC (5-7 irons) with the MB (8-P Irons) and plan to add 2 degrees of loft on the MMC irons to have perfect distance gaps. I love the feel of the MB and hit the short irons very well, however, I want a little more forgiveness in the longer irons. Any thoughts on blending these two sets?

    Under your specs, the length of the 8 iron at 36.25″ and the 9 iron at 37.75″. I assume the 9 iron is a typo?

    Great reviews on these irons.

    • Matt Saternus


      Yes, the 9I should be 35.75″.

      These irons are designed for combo sets, so you shouldn’t have any problem mixing them.



  8. Matt,

    I am 12 handicap player but improving. I have the JPX800 (not forget) and I am thinking in update my clubs.
    I like mizuno and I am willing to buy the MP 18 MMC. Would that recomendable? What do you think about the jump instead of passing through JPX900 forged first?



    • Matt Saternus


      The difference between the JPX900 Forged and the MP-18 MMC is noticeable, but not huge. If you prefer the MMC, it’s not a bad choice as long as you’re fit for the right shaft and specs.



  9. Hello Matt.
    I have been playing Mizuno since the MP33. I am currently playing the 68’s with x-100 shafts. I would like to get a new set (probably my last set since I am 58 ). Any suggestions on which irons I should go with Thanks

  10. Hi matt,

    Could you advice me which MP18 is good in term of forgiving and contact. I was thinking to get MP18 SC, suddenly it out of stock in the shop near me. The sales person introduce me MP18 SSC. What do you think?

    • Matt Saternus


      Have you hit the MMC for yourself? I would suggest that demoing them is the best way to find out if they have enough forgiveness for you. Overall, they’re not terribly different than the SC.



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