Mizuno JPX-850 Fairway Wood Review

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50 Words or Less

The Mizuno JPX-850 fairway wood is an extremely consistent fairway wood with a nice range of adjustability.


Longer, lighter, longer….and longer.  That’s the story on most of the fairway woods this year.  The Mizuno JPX-850 fairway wood, however, isn’t as worried about distance as it is about consistency and predictability – words not often associated with fairway woods.

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Like the other members of the Mizuno JPX-850 family, the fairway wood stands out from the crowd with its bright blue crown and sparkly white and silver graphics.  The size is average to slightly large for a modern fairway wood, and the shape is round and symmetrical.  The face is a touch shallow which makes it easy to hit off the turf, but it’s not so short that you’ll fear hitting it off the tee.

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Sound & Feel

While the look of the Mizuno JPX-850 fairway wood may turn traditionalists away, the sound will turn them on.  The impact sound is very quiet, solid, and has almost no metallic quality to it.  I’d almost say that it’s more closely related to a persimmon club than a modern fairway wood.

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More than anything else, what I noticed in testing the Mizuno JPX-850 fairway wood is the consistency from shot to shot.  This was true both on the range and on the launch monitor.  From ball speed to launch angle to spin rate, the results were extremely predictable.

The JPX-850 fairway wood is closer to the JPX-850 driver than the JPX-850 hybrid in that the head only has a little draw bias to it.  As with any club, the shaft will play a large role in what shot shape you can expect.  The JPX-850 fairway wood comes stock with a Fujikura Motore Speeder shaft that weighs about 65 grams and has a little more torque than the driver version.

Finally, the spin rate of this club is a bit higher than many of the “distance” 3 woods released this year.  While this does limit it’s length, it makes it a much better club for hitting shots that will actually hold greens as opposed to running through them.

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If you’re in need of a fairway wood that can deliver predictable results time after time, the Mizuno JPX-850 fairway wood should be on your short list.  It’s not the longest 3W, but it’s one that you won’t have any hesitation about pulling when you’re going for the green in two.

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