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Miura is known as one of the best forged iron makers in the world, but their HB hybrids will likely leave fans of their irons just as pleased.


I’ve always looked at Miura as the company that makes the best forged irons in the world and have assumed that their woods and hybrids were second fiddle to the bread and butter of the business.  Boy, was I embarrassingly wrong.  Miura created the HB hybrid to be a perfect blend of characteristics from their acclaimed forged irons and the forgiveness of a wood.  If you’re looking for high-end performance and superior feel in a hybrid, it’s worth checking out the Miura HB.



It should come as a surprise to no one that the Miura HB hybrid has a classic, elegant look.  The I.P. black finish on the crown has a pearl sheen to it and screams world-class.

At address, you’ll see there’s a color separation between the face, top line, and crown which accomplishes Miura’s goal of making the HB face look similar to one of their irons.  The footprint is on the smaller side for a hybrid, and the face sets up in a way to make it more reminiscent of an iron.  You will also notice there is not as much offset to the MB hybrid as you might see from other brands.


Sound & Feel

It was immediately apparent that Miura wanted the HB hybrid to live up to their reputation for making some of the best feeling clubs in the game.  I won’t claim a pure shot with the HB feels as remarkable as a perfect shot off my CB-501s, but wow, does it feel good.  We often state that you need to hit a Miura iron to truly grasp the feel, and now I feel the same way about the hybrid.  Yes, it does feel like a hybrid, but it also feels very special and unique.

The sound of the Miura MB is muted, solid metallic “ping.”  It isn’t a sound that you would normally expect out of a springy hybrid, but it doesn’t sound anything like an iron.  To me it sounds like it lands right in the middle which is very solid with a bit of extra life off the face.



Reading through Miura’s explanation of the design of the HB hybrids makes it pretty evident that they really wanted the HB to perform more like an iron and utilize the hybrid concept to make the club easier to hit.  The way Miura did this was by using their Circle Cut Sole which puts the center of gravity lower in the face to get the ball in the air a bit more.  Then they added a little sole relief in the toe and heel to make the HB interact with the turf better.

My experience was that I hit more direct shots rather than the high balloons a hybrid can create.  I tested the Miura HB3, and for being a 3-iron replacement, I certainly thought the HB was easier to hit than a 3 iron, and I got the distance I would be looking for in that slot in the bag.



If there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s to never underestimate one of the best golf club manufacturers in the world.  What I thought could be a middling review of the Miura HB hybrid now has me thinking I need to spend a bit more time with this club to see what I can do with it.  You will be hard-pressed to find a better feeling, more responsive, and easier to hit 3-iron or 4-iron replacement.

Miura HB Hybrid Specs


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  1. How does the Miura MG Hybrid compare to the Titleist 816 H2?
    (You might want to re-title the article MG Hybrid instead of HB Hybrid.)

    • It’s better than the 816, and you’re incorrect. Per the longest standing Miura dealer in America, “It is the HB-3 and HB-4. MG stands for Miura Giken, the Japanese division of Miura.”

  2. Why or when did the add the G to Muira….. Muira should stand alone..

  3. George Irvan

    How is the distance for MG… Miura Hybrid 4…..? Which on is better……compare with MG Hybrid 3, in distance…..? Please send me the spec of MG Hybrid 4, thank you kindly…. I am using Miura 5 wood ….. thank you

    • Matt Saternus


      Unfortunately, Bill – who wrote this review – no longer writes for Plugged In Golf. I’m sorry we can’t be of more help.



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