Mitsubishi TENSEI 1K Pro Red Shaft Review

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The Mitsubishi TENSEI 1K Pro Red shaft has a smooth, controlled feel and consistent performance.  Higher launch and spin than other TENSEI 1K Pro options.


Mitsubishi’s TENSEI 1K Pro line has taken their popular TENSEI models to a higher level of performance with the use of top shelf materials.  The line is finally complete now with the release of the Mitsubishi TENSEI 1K Pro Red.  This most active profile provides a livelier feel, higher launch, and higher spin, the counterpoint to my beloved 1K Pro White [review HERE].  I tested the new TENSEI 1K Pro Red to find out what golfers can benefit most from this new addition.


The look of the Mitsubishi TENSEI 1K Pro falls neatly in line with the other TENSEI 1K Pro shafts.  Near the grip you can see the carbon fiber underneath light graphics.  A bold stripe of red denotes the model.  The iridescent “TENSEI” branding covers the middle of the shaft, indicating that this is a 1K Pro model.  Everything below the red stripe is solid black, keeping the look distraction-free at address.


The Mitsubishi TENSEI 1K Pro Red is the most “active” profile in the family.  Giving the shaft a wiggle, you can feel some motion in the upper tip.  During the swing, this sensation moves closer to the hands.  To me, the 1K Pro Red feels smooth from the lower butt down through the club head.

Where the TENSEI 1K Pro Blue [review HERE] has a pronounced kick, the Red just feels smooth.  It’s almost more like a Diamana than a TENSEI in that regard.  Another key difference is that the Red is smooth regardless of effort level where the Blue demanded a strong effort to “work”


Our goal at Plugged In Golf is to offer comprehensive coverage of all golf equipment.  That often means reviewing clubs or shafts that aren’t a great fit for the writer’s swing or preferences.  While I thought that the Mitsubishi TENSEI 1K Pro Red would be one of those times where I had to grit my teeth and push through the testing, it ended up being one of the most enjoyable shaft tests so far this year.

The TENSEI 1K Pro Red is billed as high launch and mid spin.  It’s the highest launching and spinning shaft in the TENSEI 1K family, fully opposite the TENSEI 1K Pro Orange [review HERE].  This higher ball flight is created with a softer tip section and lower kick point.  Testing the Red against my gamer 1K Pro White, I saw slightly higher launch and a few hundred RPM more spin.  As a low spin player, my ball flight with the Red was still controlled, but the shots weren’t quite as piercing as with the White.

Going into the test, my fear was that the softer tip would translate into a steady diet of hooks, but the high end materials in the 1K Pro kept that from being the case.  Across indoor and outdoor testing, my dispersion was balanced along the centerline.  Going back to check the specs, I found that the 1K Pro Red has the same torque rating as my 1K Pro White.  This matched what I felt: the tip of the Red never got loose or twisty, just smooth and active.

The fun of swinging the Mitsubishi TENSEI 1K Pro Red comes from the “effortless” power (I put effortless in quotes only because it’s a feeling.  I don’t want any golfer walking away thinking a shaft will magically add 5 MPH to their swing).  While the Red can handle an aggressive swing, it shines with a smooth 80% effort.  My best, longest drives with this shaft came when I dialed back my exertion and let the shaft pummel the ball.  While I won’t be trading in my 1K Pro White – I can’t trust myself not to Hulk out on the tee – the Red is a shaft I’ll be taking to the range regularly because it’s such a joy to hit.

The Mitsubishi TENSEI 1K Pro Red is offered in 50, 60, 70, and 80 gram variants.  At both 50 and 60 grams, Mitsubishi offers regular, stiff, X, and TX flexes.  The heavier versions drop down to three flexes: stiff, X, and TX.


The Mitsubishi TENSEI 1K Pro Red shaft is a great bookend to the 1K Pro family.  Golfers now have a full range of feel and performance options when they’re outfitting their drivers and fairway woods.  If you’re a smoother swinger looking for a slightly elevated ball flight, the 1K Pro Red is a great choice.

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  1. Just a question as to after market shafts in general (but maybe this one specifically), do they help slower (90mph) swing players dramatically from the stock shafts they bought/fit at a demo day? The weights (like the 50g) could work– but does it dramatically effect distance given the speed issue?(I could see how it affects dispersion).


    • Matt Saternus


      Weight is a major driver of performance and speed, so having more options is always better than having fewer. It won’t always translate to a big club speed gain, but it can.



  2. Clarence Carson

    So what is the price ? Can they fit 915 D2 driver 3 wood and 2 hybrid.

  3. Mark Kuyawa


    Boy this sounds like a perfect shaft for me. Age 68, lost some clubhead speed. Hope I can try it out soon.
    Thank you for a great review as always!

  4. iam 70 years old – swing speed bout 75 – 85 mph., was thinking of putting the tensei red 60 grm. regular shaft in my ping G425 driver – whatcha think ?

    • Matt Saternus


      My advice is always to get a fitting. If you’re looking for an active feel and higher launch, the Red is definitely worth trying with your fitter.



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