Me and My Golf True Grip Golf Glove Review

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The Me and My Golf True Grip golf glove provides effective reminders for creating a repeatable, neutral grip.  Durable glove with very grippy elements to promote a secure hold on the club.


Creating a sound, consistent grip is not the sexiest fix in golf, but it is one of the most important.  It’s hard to get predictable results when your hands are never in the same place twice.  The latest trainer from Me and My Golf – the True Grip golf glove – seeks to help golfers build that consistent grip.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Me and My Golf True Grip golf glove is very straightforward.  Step one, of course, is putting on the glove.  From there, all the instructional bits are blue and explained on the back of the packaging.

Your club’s grip should rest on the blue stripe near the palm.  Once you’ve closed your hand around the club, the blue “arrow” on the thumb is meant to point to your right shoulder.  Finally, the two knuckles covered in blue should be visible.

As with all the Me and My Golf trainers, there are instructional videos, too.  The three titles are Consistent Grip, Slice and Hook Grip Fix, and Grip Pressure.  All of the videos are concise – under three minutes – which I like.  They address the positioning of the trail hand, the grip’s impact on ball flight, and how hard to grip the club.


Unlike many swing trainers, the objectives of the Me and My Golf True Grip are almost inarguable.  If you use the three guides as instructed, you’re going to have a consistent, neutral grip on the club.  Me and My Golf doesn’t claim that this is the perfect grip for everyone, but it’s a good starting point for the vast majority of golfers.

I think the use of bright blue is key to the effectiveness.  Most golfers have heard of seeing two knuckles at address, but having them lit up in blue makes it easier to remember.  Ditto for the thumb/pointer crease being aimed at your right shoulder.

One final element that can’t be appreciated from pictures is the use of sticky materials in the key areas of the glove.  The thumb, base of the fingers, and heel of the hand are all covered in a synethic material that reminds me of the Claw golf gloves [review HERE].  This material helps lock the club in the right spot so it doesn’t easily slide into old bad habits.


This is a rare swing trainer that’s also a consumable, so there are two elements to consider: how much you’ll use it and how long it will last.  To the first part, I think it’s solid.  If you’re in the habit of wearing a glove when you practice, it’s easy enough to use this and have a constant reminder about your grip.  On the question of durability, I think this glove is very well built.  It has strong materials in all the high traffic areas, and it’s machine washable.


The Me and My Golf True Grip golf glove retails for $29.99.  Viewing this solely as a glove, it’s a bit on the expensive side, but not the most costly glove you can find.  As swing trainers go, it’s very affordable.  If you struggle with a grip that’s too weak, strong, or simply inconsistent, this glove is money well spent.


The Me and My Golf True Grip golf glove is unlikely to immediately cure your slice or hook, but it will put you on the path to more consistent ball striking.  With regular practice, this glove will get your hands in the same neutral position every time.

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