Me and My Golf Mini-Max Training Mirrors Review

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The Me and My Golf Mini-Max Training Mirrors are versatile, portable, and very affordable.  Golfers do need to have some knowledge to use them effectively.  More instructional materials would be helpful.


Go to any swing coach’s teaching studio, and you’re sure to find a mirror.  Long before instant, high quality video was available, mirrors were used so students could see their swing positions in real time.  Me and My Golf is bringing back that old school approach with their Mini-Max Training Mirrors.  I tested a set to see if they’re worth adding to your practice kit.

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Set Up & Ease of Use

The Me and My Golf Mini-Max Training Mirrors are the epitome of a training aid that’s physically easy to set up but still requires instruction.  They require instruction because it’s not necessarily obvious what you should be doing with them.  To that end, Me and My Golf have a series of training videos that are included with purchase.  The QR code for accessing the videos is cleverly printed on the back of the mirrors so you always have it with you.

There are five videos in the series that each cover a drill for things like hip sway and set up.  I think each of these videos and the drills they promote are excellent.  My only complaints are that there could be many, many more drills explained, and I would have liked to see an instructional card included.  The videos are helpful, but it would be nice to have a quick reference for drills rather than having to log into their website.

me and my golf mini-max training mirrors flat angle


Mirrors are most often seen on the putting green, so we can start there.  One of the Me and My Golf Mini-Max Training Mirrors has a variety of alignment markings to help you with your putting.  You can orient the mirror either way, put the ball on the edge, and use the mirror to check your face angle, set up position, or to watch your body movement during the stroke.

The included stand helps to take the mirrors from the green to the driving range.  As you can see in the pictures above and below, the stand allows the mirror to sit at a wide range of angles.  This is critical because it allows you to see different things in your swing without moving out of your proper position.

Me and My Golf refers to the marked mirror as being for the short game and the blank mirror for full swings.  I preferred the marked mirror for all the drills as it provided reference points.  For example, if I set up with my left hip on a line, I can more easily see a “sway” in the backswing.

The Me and My Golf Mini-Max Training Mirrors do provide clear feedback but two things are important to note.  First, as I’ve mentioned before, you need to know what you’re doing with them.  This includes understanding what is causing problems in your swing.  You may have a small sway in your backswing, but it’s possible that’s good for your swing.

Finally, the mirrors are not going to provide feedback for your “real” swings.  They are great for checking set up and making rehearsal swings. However, you obviously can’t be looking at the mirror when you’re trying to hit the golf ball.  If you have the patience and discipline to make several rehearsals between shots, the mirrors can be very impactful.  If not, you should be looking at different training aids like the Me and My Golf Ball Striker Towel [review HERE].

me and my golf mini-max training mirrors


The Me and My Golf Mini-Max Training Mirrors are a familiar mixed bag when it comes to longevity.  They are small and light, so they can travel anywhere.  Similarly, they’re versatile enough to be used at home or on the range.  However, there’s nothing fun or game-like about watching yourself make back swings in a mirror.


The Me and My Golf Mini-Max Training Mirrors retail through their website HERE for $30.  At such a low price, it’s an easy training aid to like.  If you are a serious practicer with a specific plan to use them, these are a no-brainer great value.

mini-max training mirrors


For the golfer looking for swing feedback everywhere they go, the Me and My Golf Mini-Max Training Mirrors are a worthwhile trainer.  They’re small, light, and versatile, addressing almost every aspect of your game.  Before you buy them, just make sure you have a plan for using them and the discipline to put that plan into action.

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