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Fred Couples may not have been the first golfer to wear spikeless golf shoes, but he sure helped launch a revolution ten years ago.  It was at the 2010 Masters that Freddie shot an opening round 66 wearing ECCO GOLF STREET shoes.  The leader after day one, Freddie and his brown ECCOs had fans around the world wondering if he could win another green jacket and golfers asking themselves “Why am I wearing spikes?”

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the event that seemed to transform the golf shoe industry, ECCO has re-imagined the iconic original model as the ECCO GOLF STREET 10.  And when asked about the limited edition STREET 10, Fred proclaimed “The revolution is back.”  The number 10 also reflects Fred’s response to first slipping on the original STREET: “For me, the comfort level is a 10, it’s perfect.”

I never wore the original, but I can tell you the new STREET 10 is amazingly comfortable.  Inside the shoe, the micro-perforated leather lining and leather insole felt heavenly to my feet.  Now I understand why Fred never wears socks.  The new midsole material PHORENE had a cushiony, dynamic shock absorbing quality that provided a great balance between flexibility and support.

In harmony with the original design, the all-white ECCO STREET 10 has a clean, contemporary look.  The pebbled leather, with small vent hole highlights and ECCO’s iconic 4 dots, offers a subtle style that makes the shoes versatile.  And I love the almost mystical quality that the translucent outsole creates for my eyes.

The bronze 10 YEARS emblem on the heel pays homage not only to the decade of revolution, but also the molded traction bars that helped define spikeless.  It’s worthwhile to reflect upon the fact that in 2009, 99% of golf shoes had either true spikes or cleats.  If you want to get your own pair of the anniversary STREET 10 golf shoes, head on over to ECCO.  We may have to wait a few more months to see Freddie at the 2020 Masters, but in the meantime, join me in raising a glass to the trend setter.

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  1. After 10 years they should offer a wide or extra wide and no, sacrificing comfort by removing the insole for more room is silly.

  2. Yes. Freddie. Love your shoes and think you are the best. And one other thing. My bdy is Oct 3 also would love to meet you.

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