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The MacGregor MACTEC driver is an unbelievable value at just $150.  Nice address look.  Peak performance on par with the best drivers.  Forgiveness and consistency can be an issue.


In today’s golf club market, $150 is a fairly low price a hybrid.  $150 for a driver?  That’s completely unheard of.  But that’s exactly what the MacGregor MACTEC driver costs, in its stock configuration.  Can one of the oldest names in the game deliver respectable performance at a price that’s literally one quarter of some of its competitors?  Let’s find out.


The MacGregor MACTEC driver has a bullet-shaped footprint that’s slightly longer than average from front to back.  Its crown is matte black with a small, white, triple diamond alignment aid.  The face looks fairly tall behind the ball but not comically large.  Overall, it’s a pleasing, middle of the road address look that will be comfortable to a range of golfers.

In the bag, I think the MACTEC looks ten times better than its price.  MacGregor kept the sole almost entirely black with some dark grey elements.  The only sign of visible tech is a weight port toward the back.  There’s actually a lot happening on the sole, but the dark color palette makes it look clean.

Sound & Feel

At impact, the MacGregor MACTEC driver sings out with a high-pitched, ringing tone.  It’s slightly louder than average but not ear-splitting.  I found that the sound of impact barely changed whether I hit the center of the face or the edge.

There is more feedback delivered through the hands.  I was able to locate impact with just a modicum of attention.  Impact feels fairly solid, if a bit uninspiring.


With such a shockingly low price, the obvious question is, “Can the MacGregor MACTEC driver hang with the big name drivers?”  I brought the MACTEC out to test it head-to-head with my gamer to find out [check my WITB HERE].  Cutting right to exciting part: at its best, the MACTEC driver can put up numbers that are equal to the very best drivers in the game.  When you hit the ball well, the MACTEC sends the ball soaring on a mid-low trajectory with mid-low spin.

Where the MacGregor MACTEC driver does give up something compared to the more expensive drivers is in forgiveness.  My ball speed dropped more quickly with the MACTEC than with my gamer.  The spin numbers could be erratic, and the launch moved across a slightly wider range than I’m used to.  That said, mishits are still going to be very playable.  If a mishit with my driver cost me 2 MPH, the MACTEC might lose 4 MPH.  It’s a difference, but it’s not night and day.

An area where things are black and white is adjustability.  The MACTEC driver has none.  While this may not matter to some, it’s a bit jarring to see a driver without at least an adjustable hosel.  Then again, at just $150, it’s pretty hard to complain.

Finally, the MacGregor MACTEC driver has a noticeable draw bias.  I tested this driver with a Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft [review HERE] – a shaft known for being “anti-left” – and was still hitting more draws than anything else.  I had to put in some effort to get the ball to cut.


The latest incarnation of MacGregor Golf is delivering amazing value with the MACTEC driver.  At just $150, it’s 1/4 the price of the new drivers from TaylorMade and Callaway, but it’s capable of hanging with them on pure strikes.  If you’re trying to keep your golf on budget this year, this is a driver you should definitely consider.

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MacGregor MACTEC Driver Price & Specs

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  1. Great price point and performance from the Mac! Refreshing retail price that reflects the appropriate cost to fun ratio for most golfers. Thanks for the review.

  2. Dear
    Is this the original MacGregor from back then, or that junk from China!
    I played with the original MacGregor for over 50 years, unfortunately I lost them at the airport in Spain. Been playing with TaylorMade 790 and M4 driver for 5 years now, I’m 80 years old and still play 3 days a week, nice

    • Matt Saternus

      The MacGregor brand has changed hands a number of times over the last decade or so, so it’s definitely not your grandpa’s MacGregor. That said, I’m primarily interested in how the club performs, not who owns the company or anything like that. YMMV.



  3. Graham Dean

    Good review Matt.

    MacGregor may have hit on a winner here, there is plenty of room in the market place for cheaper clubs and if they perform well bonus.


  4. Being an “old” guy at 66 and growing up with clubs from the early 70’s I would be interested in a premium-level non-adjustable driver. I have never used the adjustable feature on any club. Nobody has ever explained the benefits to me I guess? Anyway, if one of the big OEM’s did something like this MacGregor but with more forgiveness and a bit lower price than the $500-$600 offerings I would take a good look at it. Kudos to MacGregor for putting this one out there.

  5. I took a look at their website.
    I was surprised that they sell the head alone for just $99.99.
    Twenty years ago, I used to build clubs as a hobby, and the driver heads then cost more than this.
    So if someone already has a shaft that they like, they could have it put into this head at their local shop, or do it themselves if they are the DIY type.

  6. Great writeup as usual, I saw this on the website and wondered how it might stack up. NY plan to review the new Macgregor irons?

  7. Matt – Thank you for this review! I think it would be worth reviewing the MacTec Fairway Wood as well. I am a huge fan of high-lofted fairway woods, and recently went on a quest to find a relatively modern 9W. While 7W are super popular, I quickly discovered that even in the secondhand market, 9Ws are impossible to find at a reasonable price! After reading your review of the MacTec Driver, I decided to take a shot on MacGregor because they offered a 24 degree option. To be able to get a brand new club and have the option to customize/upgrade to a premium shaft and grip for just north of $100 is insane! I’m only a few rounds in with it but love it so far! Talk about a #DoubleSecret

  8. Glenn keeven

    Yes I’m interested looking for a new driver. I’m 77 but still hit the ball good at least I try

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