Loudmouth Golf Late Summer ’16 Apparel Review

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Utilizing high quality fabrics and bold designs, Loudmouth Golf pants and polos make a style statement like no other brand.


And that statement is subject to interpretation like no other brand.  Love or hate them, unless you are a golfer who was part of a secret time suspension experiment, you’ve already seen Loudmouth Golf apparel at some point.  And with John Daly living large on the Senior PGA tour, excuse me, the PGA Tour Champions, the brand exposure is stronger than ever.  With several new late summer patterns and new materials, Loudmouth Golf continues to defy the norm.


Never has the Style category been so clear for a PIG reviewer.  Loudmouth Golf patterns are crazy fun, loud, and attention grabbing.  It took me a few outings to become accustomed to all the stares, compliments and occasional snickers.  Loudmouth Golf basically is its own style.  Whether it’s bottoms or tops, Loudmouth Golf pieces are meant to be worn with solid colors.  And if you can’t stand the thought of wearing a Loudmouth Golf Fancy polo like the Fore Shades of Blue with your favorite name brand golfing shorts, stick with a pair of jeans off course.


The patchwork pattern pant entitled “LM Greatest Hits Vol 1” is the standard Loudmouth Golf blend of 97% cotton and 3% spandex that sits right on the hips with a “not too tight, not too loose, perfect for every guy” fit.  The new Woodworth Collection golf pant, shown in the Shagadelic White pattern, features a TekFIT waistband that provides 1-2” stretch to accommodate life’s nuances.  The Loudmouth Golf Fancy polo shirt is an athletic fit, and I’d recommend going a size up.  I typically wear a medium shirt and this one is ever so slightly tight around the chest.


Loudmouth Golf pants are clearly designed for golf with sturdy fabrics, deep pockets, and tour slits.  The standard Loudmouth Golf pant breathes well, but held too much sweat when conditions were hot and humid.  Being 100% stretch polyester, the new Woodworth Collection golf pant moved freely in the golf swing and helped with moisture management.  The anti-slip gripper around the waist band was a nice feature for keeping my shirt securely tucked in. If I had to golf in pants during the summer, the Woodworth Collection would definitely work.  The Loudmouth Fancy polo is a good medium weight and performed admirably on the course.


Typically I’d have at least one picture that included all the pieces in the review, but I was worried that these three distinct patterns might explode my camera if I tried a combo.  With a wide selection of patterns to choose from and the performance fabric of the new Woodworth Collection, Loudmouth Golf may truly be “the most fun you can have with your pants on!”

Matt Meeker


  1. My wife and I have been wearing this product this summer. I have to say the shorts might be the most comfortable golf shorts I have ever worn, and yes we look great together when playing, even if we take a couple cheap off the cuff comments.

  2. “to accommodate life’s nuance” – this fantastic writing. Keep up the good work PIG!

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