Loudmouth by Mohlimawk Golf Bag Review

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The Loudmouth stand bag by Molhimawk is both a loud expression of character and solid, functional golf bag.

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While Loudmouth is more synonymous with loud fashion statements in golf apparel, you can also show a little more flair through the Loudmouth golf bags made by Molhimawk.  Of course, a golf bag needs to do more than just look good, it has do its job well.  We put the Loudmouth golf bag through its paces to see if it was more than just a fashion statement out on the course.

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Style: a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.  Yep, that sounds about right for a Loudmouth bag.  Look, if you’re not looking to show a little style and make a real statement, then this line of golf bags isn’t remotely close to a good option for you.  These bags, just like Loudmouth apparel, are for the golfer looking to bring a little excitement to the golf course and make a significant fashion statement while doing it.  There are quite a few different signature Loudmouth patterns to choose from so you should be able to find a pattern that best represents that piece of you that’s bursting at the seams and ready to scream “this is who I am!”  If you want to be noticed having fun while giving a nod to Al Czervik and John Daly, you can’t miss with a Loudmouth golf bag.

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Ok, so obviously if you’re buying a Loudmouth golf bag, you’re likely doing it for its unique appearance.  That’s a perfectly fine reason to go for one of these bags, but there’s no reason that your $132 shouldn’t get you a decent quality golf bag.  I’ll be perfectly honest in telling you that I was skeptical of this bag.  I have seen plenty of golf bags in my day from the anointed “best bag makers” that were awful quality, so why would this one be any different?  Well hats off, Molhimawk, this is not what I was expecting.  The material is very substantial, all of the hardware is sturdy, the club slots are solid, and the zippers are heavy duty.  These are usually the first things you’ll notice in a poor quality bag.  Over time, you’ll start seeing holes in the sides and tears at the seams.  While admittedly I haven’t worked the bag hard enough to hit that point yet, I don’t anticipate that happening because everything else on the bag has been solid.

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Design & Performance

From a general stand bag perspective, the Loudmouth bag works well.  It’s a good weight, the stand deployment mechanism and legs are solid and operate smoothly, it’s well balanced and pretty comfortable to carry.  There’s adequate pocket space to load up as necessary as well.  The two main features I want to focus on are the dividers and the shoulder strap system.

The bag has six full length dividers, which is a nice number in a stand bag, but the configuration is a bit weird.  The bottom opening for your wedges is fine, as well as the middle two, but when you get to the top three dividers, it becomes a bit strange.  I applaud the inclusion of a putter well, but its odd shape and size make the sections on either side only useful for one club.  I managed to fit two each into those side dividers, but it was not a great fit.  I also think it’s silly to have a full length divider for a single club (unless it’s a putter well).  To recap, the bottom two three dividers are great, and you can make do with the top three, but a little more practicality would have been helpful.

The strap system is basically a large one-piece backpack-style strap.  It has a little bit of robust look to it, it’s very comfortable, and it distributes the weight of the bag nicely on your shoulders.  From a carrying perspective, it’s fantastic.  The only downside was that it was a bit cumbersome when strapping it into the cart.

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Ultimately, I give the Loudmouth stand bag by Molhimawk a thumbs up if you’re the golfer looking to make this kind of a statement.  Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as a perfect stand bag, and if you’re looking to consider something along the Loudmouth route, your primary concern is the appearance of the bag.  It just so happens it’s a pretty good functional golf bag to go along with the looks.  So throw on your Houndstooth pants and blazer, grab your matching golf bag, and go have some fun playing 18 holes.

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