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Linksoul golf apparel feels great and performs well.  The clothes have a laid back vibe that works on course and off.

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Founded by John Ashworth, Linksoul is one of the few golf apparel companies with an instantly recognizable aesthetic.  Mix California cool with respect for the game’s tradition and an eye toward the future and you have it.  There’s a reason that Mr. Ashworth has been able to forge a long, successful career in golf apparel: he simply gets it.



One of the most recognizable elements of Linksoul’s style is their toned-down color palette.  They use plenty of great colors, but they have a slightly faded appearance which is in stark contrast to the eye-popping brightness favored by other manufacturers.  There’s also more texture in Linksoul’s pieces, as you can see in the pants here.  Add in minimal branding and you get a great laid back style that has durability from season to season and wears well on course and off.



Linksoul’s golf shirts are cut true-to-size and are neither overly tailored or baggy. Much like the style, the cut is relaxed without being sloppy.

One detail that I really like about the pants is the slight taper in the leg.  There’s ample room in the thigh without too much excess material flopping around your ankle.



The first thing I noticed when picking up my Linksoul apparel was how soft it is.  The brand is focused on cotton and other natural fibers which gives their apparel a better and more substantial feel on your skin.  Given the omnipresence of synthetics in golf apparel, you might believe that this hurts Linksoul’s performance, but you’d be wrong.  Both the shirt and pants that I tested here move, breathe, and wick sweat very well.



“Our mission is to reconnect people to the soul of the game.”  As mission statements go, that’s a pretty damn good one.  I don’t know that Linksoul’s golf apparel will single-handedly make you one with the game, but it will allow you to be effortlessly stylish and comfortable on the course.

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Matt Saternus

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