Leupold GX-2i2 Laser Rangefinder Review

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The Leupold GX-2i2 laser rangefinder packs the performance and features of the top-tier rangefinders into a mid-price laser.  Unparalleled precision and optics.


Previously, if you wanted a laser rangefinder that had slope measuring capability and was tournament legal, you had to spend $500 for something like the GX-4i2.  Now Leupold is packing all that same functionality into the GX-2i2 rangefinder at a substantially lower price point.  Is Leupold’s latest rangefinder the category’s ultimate value?  We tested it to find out.

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Setup & Ease of Use

Just like the GX-4i2, the Leupold GX-2i2 laser rangefinder can operate in a basic, tournament-legal mode or in True Golf Range (TGR) mode which accounts for slope, temperature, and altitude and makes a club recommendation.

In the tournament legal mode, the GX-2i2 is as simple as any other laser: push the power button to bring up the aiming reticle, put the target in the crosshairs, and push the button to get the yardage.

Setting up TGR takes a little more effort initially, but the simple two-button interface makes it easy.  With the Mode and Power buttons, and the help of the Quick Reference Guide that slides into the carrying case, you input the distances for your 8, 6, and 4 irons, and the temperature and altitude where those normal distances occur.  This takes less than two minutes.  Before your round, if you want to take full advantage of TGR, you can input the altitude and temperature in under a minute.  Once all that is put in, using the GX-2i2 in TGR is no different than using it in tournament mode.

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Accuracy & Performance

In both tournament mode and TGR, the Leupold GX-2i2 laser rangefinder is extremely fast and accurate.  Distances are displayed to the tenth of a yard, which may be overkill, but it’s also nice to know Leupold is giving you every possible advantage.  Additionally, the optics are super clear and the Pinhunter 2 technology makes it easy to zero in on the flag.

As with the GX-4i2, the show stopper is the True Golf Range mode.  With the push of a button, the GX-2i2 is going to not only give you the temperature, altitude, and slope-adjusted distance, it also tells you the right club to pull.  It even goes so far as to tell you when you’re in between clubs, so you can decide to club up and choke down or club down and swing hard.  With the exception of judging wind and carrying your bag, TGR mades caddies obsolete.

My one small complaint is that, in TGR mode, there is a lot on the screen, and it can be hard to see all of it when you’re wearing glasses.  With your eye pressed to the viewfinder, all of the information is easily visible, but when I have my sunglasses on, I find that I need to move my head a bit to see the Club Selector information on the far right.

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The Leupold GX-2i2 retails for $330.  This is $170 less than the GX-4i2 which has the same functionality.  There are some key differences between the two models – the display, the construction, range, and the means of turning on TGR – but they both have the ability to work in TGR mode and tournament mode.  For the accuracy, speed, and combination of TGR plus tournament mode, I think the GX-2i2 is the best value in rangefinders.

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If you’re looking to purchase a laser rangefinder this year, the Leupold GX-2i2 laser rangefinder should be at the very top of your list.  The optics are the best in the business, and it’s lightning quick.  The best part is that it gives you all the advantages of TGR while still being tournament legal when you’re ready to compete.

Buy the Leupold GX-2i2 rangefinder HERE

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  1. Pat Dunphy

    Please sign me up

  2. If you were to purchase today, would you go with this new GX-2i2 or stick with the older GX-3i2? I can’t decide…

    • Matt Saternus


      The choice is between slope and TGR (GX-2i2) and the aluminum body/red display (GX-3i2). I’ve used a GX-3 for years, so I would probably stick with the red display.



  3. Thanks Matt! I’m leaning the same way I think. Great reviews!

  4. Great review! I have a similar question to Casey’s. The GX-4i2 can be purchased on-line for $400. Is it a worthwhile upgrade over the GX-3i2 and the brand new GX 2i2? One less round at a local muni and the difference is covered.

    • Matt Saternus


      Going from the 3 to the 4 adds A LOT of features. If you want them, it’s absolutely worth the money. The main difference between the 2 and 4 is the construction, and I do prefer the aluminum body of the 4.



  5. Thanks Matt,

    I just ordered the 4. The aluminum body and the oled display pushed me in that direction…that and given I caught it at a lower price help me justify the additional investment. Had I not found it for the reduced price, your review had me sold on the 2.




    I recently sent back a Leupold GX-2i, because it stopped selecting my clubs. After about two weeks, I phoned Leupold to check the status of my rangefinder. I was informed that they were going to send me a new one, a Leupold GX-2i 2. Can someone tell me what the difference is between both. ( GX2i vr GX-2i 2.

  7. Stephen Hong

    I received this stuff yesterday and looking forward to waiting this Saturday.

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