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LA Golf Shafts Ozik Red Tie Shaft Review

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The LA Golf Shafts Ozik Red Tie shaft is the mid-launching shaft in the series.  Smooth feel but a surprisingly small kick.


Though LA Golf Shafts has launched by re-releasing three classic products, their approach to the shaft industry is something new.  First, all their shafts are going to be made in the USA.  A focus on low volume will keep tolerances tight.  And consumers will be able to order customized shafts through their website (including the classic candy lime).


The namesake color of the Red Tie makes it the boldest looking shaft in the Ozik Tie line up.  Its matte finish differentiates it from the other red shafts on the market.

Graphically, the Red Tie is identical to the Black and White Tie shafts.  The “rain graphics” that Ozik was famous for are present, though smaller.  “OZIK” is prominently displayed in white, but the “Red Tie” graphic is nearly invisible for those that prefer a calmer address look.


Moving from the Black Tie to the Red Tie, I was expecting to feel a big kick, a lot of action.  Instead, I found a similar feel to the Black Tie – very smooth – but with the action shifted to the middle of the shaft.

For players that like a stable feel but need higher launch, the Red Tie will be perfect.


In my testing, I found that the Red Tie splits the difference between the Black Tie and the White Tie.  For me, the Black Tie is perfect – predictable, stable, accurate – and the White Tie is too active.  The Red Tie was much more consistent than the White Tie without being quite as good, for me, as the Black Tie.

One major advantage of the Red Tie was that my club speed was consistently higher.  The Red Tie was much higher than the White Tie and even slightly higher than the Black Tie.

The downside, for me, was that I sacrificed too much predictability.  With the Red Tie, I was hitting mostly push draws – the ball starting a little right and drawing back to the left.  Every few shots, however, the ball would start straight and hook.


For many players, the Ozik Red Tie is going to the be the “just right” middle ground between the Black Tie and White Tie.  The feel is smooth without being overly active, and it launches the ball into a mid-high window without creating too much spin.  Check out the Ozik Tie shafts at your local LA Golf Shafts fitter.

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  1. So same with the Black Tie review…same shaft, new paintjob, more expensive price tag. Gotcha.

    • Matt Saternus

      I don’t believe these are more expensive (at least not significantly so) than when they were made by Matrix. They are, however, made in the USA with better quality control.

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