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The Kemimoto Midnight soundbar is a portable way to bring the party anywhere you go.  Big sound and loads of light effects.


Music on the golf course is getting closer to becoming the rule rather than the exception.  With that in mind, today’s review takes a look at the Kemimoto Midnight soundbar, a way to bring music (and a light show) to the course.  Just don’t blast it on the range so I don’t need to do another podcast rant.

Set Up & Ease of Use

The Kemimoto Midnight soundbar comes with the speaker, power cables, mounting hardware, and an instruction booklet.

Depending on your abilities, the instructions will either be unnecessary, frustrating, or very helpful.  There is one small graphic showing how to mount the speaker.  Instructions regarding the power source are nonexistent.  However, there are many pages explaining the functions of the buttons, connecting via Bluetooth, the numerous playback options, and adding or syncing more speakers.

As someone with modest mechanical abilities, I found mounting the Kemimoto Midnight soundbar to be very easy.  Kemimoto states that it’s a twenty minute process, but I had it mounted to my cart in about two.  Connecting the Midnight to the cart’s battery shouldn’t take more than another minute or two.  Once you have the mount on the cart, the Midnight 40 can be clipped on and off via the 3-Second Quick Clip.

There are numerous ways to connect your tunes to the Kemimoto Midnight soundbar.  I preferred using the Kemimoto app on my phone and connecting via Bluetooth.  There’s also a USB port where you can plug in a thumb drive and 1/8″ jacks.  The benefit of the app is that you can also use it to control the lights.

Sound Quality, Lights, and Durability

The Kemimoto Midnight soundbar is loud.  Unless you’re playing in a rowdy event, you won’t use anything more than the lowest volume on the golf course.  The sound quality is good with strong clarity across different volume levels.

One thing that separates the Midnight from other soundbars is the built in light show.  Per Kemimoto, there are over 200 ARGB lighting modes which you can control in the app.  You can sync the lights with the music or choose to be your own visual DJ.

Finally, the Kemimoto Midnight soundbar is very durable.  In their hype video [watch it HERE], Kemimoto shows the Midnight being dunked in water to advertise its IP66 Weatherproof rating.  Technically, IP66 does not ensure against water immersion but “high-pressure water jets from any direction.”  It’s also completely dustproof.  Whether you’re on the course in a rain storm or off roading in the desert, conditions will not stop the music.

Kemimoto Midnight Soundbar Models

Kemimoto offers the Midnight soundbar in several different sizes.  The Midnight 40 is 16″, Midnight 60 is 26″, and Midnight 80 is 32″.

The longer units pack in more speakers and are considerably heavier than the eight pound Midnight 40.  All the units are built to run on a DC connection to your cart’s battery, but the Midnight 40 has the option of a built-in battery that lets you party wire-free for up to 10 hours.  Additionally, the battery-equipped Midnight 40 has a Quick Clip mechanism that lets you detach the speaker from your cart in seconds.  All the other models are meant for semi-permanent attachment to your golf cart, ATV, or boat.

For me, the Midnight 40 the easy choice because of the versatility that the battery affords and the more portable size.  If you’re looking for a more permanent installation and eardrum-rupturing volume, opt for one of the larger models.


The Kemimoto Midnight soundbar retails for between $250 and $450, depending on the size.  The Midnight 40 costs $250 without the battery, $289 with the battery.  Buy it direct from Kemimoto HERE

If you want to go bigger, the Midnight 60 is 26″ and the Midnight 80 is 32″.  Those retail for $350 and $450, respectively.  You can buy a Kemimoto Midnight from Amazon HERE

Comparing the Kemimoto Midnight soundbar to speakers with similar features, the pricing seems very fair, and I have a hard time believing you can buy more decibels per dollar.


With strong sound quality, amazing lighting capabilities, and excellent durability, the Kemimoto Midnight soundbar is a great choice for bringing music on the go.  Whether you’re connecting it to your golf cart or ATV or carrying the smaller Midnight 40 like an old school boombox, the party will be wherever you are.

Visit Kemimoto HERE

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