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The KBS Hi-Rev wedge shaft has a nice active feel with good spin.



If the process of shaft fitting isn’t complicated enough, there’s a whole world of wedge shaft fitting that can easily make or break your short game.  There are a lot of different options out there aimed at delivering different types of performances and finding the right combination is critical.  The KBS Hi-Rev wedge shaft is designed to have an increased spin rate from its active tip section with mid trajectory similar to the KBS Tour shafts.



At the time of writing this review, I’ve had the opportunity to test four different KBS wedge shafts, and I far and away prefer the feel of the KBS Hi-Rev compared to the rest of the lineup.  KBS says this shaft has a more active tip section in order to maximize spin but this also gives a little more life to the shaft for mid and short length shots.  I would say the Hi-Rev feels a little soft for full length shots, but I was still able to hit it well and get good control as opposed to feeling like a wet noodle which is often what we associate with a soft shaft in a wedge.



Look, I’m definitely not a high-spin wedge player.  I’ve tried a bunch of different combinations over the years and I’m really just not a high-spin wedge guy.  My ideal wedge setup has basically been something that I can control trajectory with and land on a target.  With the KBS Hi-Rev wedge shaft, I found that I was getting quite a bit more spin than I’m accustomed to.  I was able to hit low, short pitches and chips that would hop and stop and then hit full shots that would spin back on the green…not a common sight for me.  While everyone is different and will have different experiences with equipment, I thought the Hi-Rev seemed like a spin monster and got similar feedback from some other golfers.  The nice part is that the shaft is still versatile and you can still easily hit shots that will release and roll out.



Every now and then we encounter a piece of equipment that seems to make the job seem a bit easier.  In the case of the KBS Hi-Rev wedge shaft, I think players like me that aren’t great at generating a ton of spin but still want to be able to stop a ball fairly quick without hitting it high in the air will benefit quite a bit from it.  The Hi-Rev made the wedge game seem a bit easier to me and that kind of confidence is always a good thing with your scoring clubs.

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  1. I’ve played the Hi Rev 1.0 for 3 years. It does exactly as you say. Have you tried Hi Rev 2.0? It is supposedly higher launch and more spin, and would probably be appropriate for your highest lofted wedge – 58-60.

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