Kavooa Pro Training Aid Review

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The Kavooa Pro golf training aid is a versatile training aid that provides instant, clear feedback.  Works in any situation and for any level of player.  Applicable to all parts of the game.


Alignment sticks have always been among my favorite training aids.  They’re cheap and versatile [find many uses for them HERE].  The Kavooa Pro golf training aid takes that versatility and puts it on steroids.  This easy-to-use trainer unlocks almost limitless possibilities to improve every aspect of your game.

Set Up & Ease of Use

When I unboxed the Kavooa Pro, I found a set of folding alignment sticks, two foam stick covers, the tripod, and a mount for a smart phone.  Everything goes together intuitively.  There is no need for instructions to get this assembled.

When it comes to setting this up for drills, the included drill sheet (below) makes things pretty straightforward.  With a bare minimum of knowledge, you can get the Kavooa Pro into roughly the right position for the drill you want to do.  Some fine tuning is required if you’re trying to be precise with the drill, and a second set of hands is really helpful for that.

One small thing that I really like about the Kavooa Pro is that the angle of the sticks gets locked in with an Allen key.  This allows you to set up a drill once and have it dialed in the next time you’re ready to practice.


The Kavooa Pro highlights eight different drills that address all parts of the game.  There is one putting drill, one chipping drill, and six that target the full swing: head movement, “between two sticks,” steepening the swing, forward shaft lean, hip sliding, and fixing “over the top.”  You can see videos of all these drills HERE.

One of the things I like about Kavooa Pro is that every golfer can find something to do with it.  Whether you’re trying to fix a hook or a slice, this trainer works.

The other key is that the feedback is unambiguous.  If you set up the Head Movement drill, and your head taps the foam stick cover, you know your head moved, and you know it instantly.  Additionally, you can decide how strict you want your drills to be.  This scalability makes the Kavooa Pro as useful for a 30 handicap as it is for a scratch player.

Finally, these eight drills are excellent, but there’s a lot more you can do with Kavooa Pro.  Thanks to its long reach and sturdy base, the only limit on this training aid is your imagination.


As is often the case, longevity is a mixed bag with Kavooa Pro.  To the good, this is an incredibly versatile training aid.  You can work on any element of the game, and it’s as useful for a Tour pro as it is for a beginner.  This is also a tool that can be used indoors, outdoors, on the range, or in your garage.  Also, a smart phone holder is included, so you can use the Kavooa Pro as a tripod for filming your swing.

On the other side of the ledger, there’s no gamification, and it requires times to set it up properly.  Also, as far as use on the range, I can see many players feeling self conscious about setting up such a large training aid.

Ultimately, I think Kavooa Pro is slightly above average on longevity.


Kavooa Pro retails for $130.  The question of value is player dependent.  For a teacher pro, I think this is a must have.  It could be used in every single lesson.  For the serious range rat or the player with an indoor hitting bay, I think this is a strong value.  Having additional feedback is very valuable, especially indoors.  However, for the recreational player, this is a bit too conspicuous and requires a little too much knowledge to be a great value.


If you’re heading into the off-season with visions of a lower handicap in 2024, the Kavooa Pro training aid is worth considering.  Whether you’re hitting balls or just making practice swings, this trainer can get your swing dialed in to the exact positions you’re aiming for.

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  1. Great ⲣost.

  2. Fred paglia

    Attempted to reach company multiple times. Product arrived broken. One of the alignment sticks cracked. No response despite guarantee

  3. Hi Matt, the Kavooa product looks interesting for a learner like me. But the company’s website only shows shipping in the US. I live in the UK. Is there another quality training aid you can suggest which could have a wider distribution? Thanks.

  4. Hi Matt, the Kavooa seems to offer many drills but I am particularly interested in getting feedback on practice swings.

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