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Johnston & Murphy golf apparel uses great materials and is cut wonderfully.  A good mix of staple pieces and more expressive polos.


Johnston & Murphy is best known as a shoe company [full review of their McGuffey golf shoe HERE], but they’re making a serious push to be your new favorite golf apparel company, too.  Their XC4 Collection covers all the basics and then some.  I put a few pieces to the test to see how it stands up to the rigors of a round.


Johnston & Murphy’s XC4 golf collection mixes foundational pieces with a sprinkling of statement polos.  Their shorts and pants are focused on the basics.  The XC4 Performance Pants come in four staple colors and a wide array of sizes.  Their XC4 Performance Shorts comes in eight colors with the choice of a 9″ or 10.5″ inseam.  Both are solid pieces that you can wear anywhere.

The XC4 Performance Polo offers golfers a chance to show some personality.  Among the twenty three colors there are a handful of stripes alongside bolder options like skulls (shown here), airplanes, and cocktails.  For those wanting to keep it conservative, there is an XC4 Solid Performance Polo in four colors.

For layering, Johnston & Murphy ofers the XC4 Quarter Zip.  This piece comes in five colors including a very bright purple.  The striped/heathered texture keeps it from being another boring pullover while still allowing it to be an everyday piece.


The fit of the Johnston & Murphy apparel is the number one selling point.  If I were to try to place it on a continuum from 0 (garbage bag) to 100 (sausage casing), I’d land somewhere around a 65.  I’d also give it my highest compliment which is to say that it’s “tailored.”

Let’s start with the tops.  Above I’m wearing a size medium at 6 feet, 190 pounds.  It’s fitted in the sleeves, which stop a good inch above my elbow.  The shoulders and chest are form-fitting without being tight or binding.  In the body, there’s a little extra room to move, but it’s miles from being sloppy or slouchy.  The length of the shirt allows it to look good tucked or untucked.  The XC4 Performance Quarter-Zip fits similarly if you size up.

The fit of the shorts and pants starts with a waist that’s true to size.  What I like about both the shorts and pants is that they comfortably accommodate my large thighs (don’t skip leg day, kids) without bringing back memories of MC Hammer.  I wish more makers would take a cue from J&M in this regard.


If the fit is not enough to sell you on Johnston & Murphy golf apparel, the materials will be.  The XC4 Performance Polo is one of the softest that I’ve worn.  It feels great on your skin, and, just as important, it lives up the “Performance” moniker.  It’s breathable, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial, and has 50 UPF sun protection.  The 12% spandex in the material gives the shirt some stretch so you can make your most aggressive swings.

The XC4 Performance Quarter-Zip is ideal for those days when it’s in the 50s with patchy clouds.  There’s enough warmth to keep your body moving in the shade, but it’s breathable so you don’t overheat when the sun peeks out.

Finally, the XC4 Performance Pants and Performance Shorts are going to become staples of my wardrobe.  Both pieces are light and breathable, which I particularly value in the pants because I can wear them in warmer weather.  A little bit of stretch in the waist allows them to move with you, and they’re wrinkle-resistant so you look good even after 18.


The highest compliment that I can give to Johnston & Murphy golf apparel is to say that all of these pieces are going to become part of my regular rotation.  I found the cut of each piece to be nothing short of ideal, and the materials are equally good.  Whether you’re looking to add staple pieces or statement polos, this is a brand worth checking out.

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  1. The fit seems to be the most difficult to get correct, and it looks like they nailed it. I’m going to have to look into these.

    Now that Ryan Getzlaf is retired, it’s nice of him to model the clothing for you. ;) Just kidding, Matt!

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