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The JCR DL550 stand bag is well constructed and functional, with a variety of pockets to keep you organized.



JCR may be a new name in the golf bag arena, but that’s likely to change quickly.  The management team at JCR have been successful in developing many of the key brands in the industry, so doing the same for their own brand is only natural.  The JCR DL550 stand bag was clearly designed by people who play golf.



Style is our first stop after the intro because it’s what initially attracts you to a golf bag.  Before you touch a bag or evaluate its features, it’s the look that draws you in.  The JCR DL550 has great style.  Incorporating a dobby weave, the shell fabric has a simple and visually appealing geometric pattern.  The color choices are contemporary and the distinctive lines of the accent colors should appeal to most any golfer.  The limited branding keeps the bag clean and simple.   And to customize your own style, there are two pockets that zip completely off for easy embroidery.



Ok, you’ve been drawn in by the style, and now it’s time to see what the bag is made of.  The nylon fabric of the JCR DL550 feels substantial and sturdy.  The zippers are high quality with generous pulls for an easy grip.  Padding on the shoulder straps and the back pad are firm and a good thickness.  Lift handles and legs are solid.  Overall, the materials and craftsmanship are high quality.

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Design & Performance

The JCR DL550 incorporates some great design features.  First, the 6-way top layout offers great flexibility on club organization.  I appreciate not being told where my putter has to go (except appropriately after a 3 putt).  Secondly, the number and variety of pockets is outstanding.  Just like with the clubs, we all carry different gear and want options for organization.  Inside most of the pockets of the DL550 are little extras like a key hook and slots for sunscreen and range finders.  And for a modern flair, there’s even a smart phone slot with clear window so you can keep your eye on messages or yardage apps.  Thirsty?  You’ve got two insulated beverage pockets.

After a solid month of testing, the leg mechanism still works smoothly.  Clubs slide in and out of the full length divided slots easily.  I really like the big, solid handle for getting the bag in and out of the trunk.  I carry an insulated water bottle and it fits nicely in one of the unzipped beverage pockets.  The straps were easy to adjust, but the single connection ring on the top half made the space a bit tight for my elbow to pass through.  Nothing major, just something that caught my attention coming off a bag that had the connection points to the bag spread apart, creating more of a rectangle than a triangle.  That said, the bag is very comfortable and balanced on the shoulders.



The JCR DL550 is definitely worth your consideration if you are in the market for a new stand bag.   Coming in at 6 pounds, it’s not the lightest bag in the category, but the ample features make this a viable contender for the golfer looking for the right balance between size and functionality.

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  1. Nice review, Matt. I love the clear pocket for a phone. What a smart, up-to-date idea. Personally, I prefer 14-way dividers, but despite that fact, I could see myself using this JCR bag.

    • Matt Meeker


      JCR also makes a 14-way cart bag with a similar smart phone window.

      Thanks for reading,

      Matt M

  2. Charleston Nilson

    Great review, Matt.
    I recently bought one for myself, and it works very well ergonomically. The drink pockets keep everything ice cold too, which is a definite must-have for me when I’m on the course. That smartphone pocket is genius too.

  3. I recently purchased this JCR DL550 bag last month and I really like it. Unfortunately one of the legs snapped and broke off right at the joint and I want to replace it. I have the same color bag that is shown on this page and any suggestions or a price for replacement would greatly be appreciated.

    • Sorry to hear that John, but I can’t offer any help on repair or replacement. I’d recommend contacting JCR.

      – Meeks

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