Jack Grace Innovator 1.0 Golf Shoe Review

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The Jack Grace Innovator 1.0 golf shoe allows you to script your shoes to match every outfit just like the pros.


Every week on Tour, we see professional golfers in perfect apparel scripting, which includes shoes that compliment their shirts and pants.  This kind of head-to-toe coordination has always been beyond the reach of regular golfers – who can afford a pair of shoes to match every shirt?

Now there’s a way for regular amateurs to have PGA Tour-level outfits: Jack Grace’s Innovator 1.0 golf shoes.  Thanks to interchangeable saddles and laces, one pair of shoes can now match everything in your closet.


The Jack Grace Innovator 1.0 looks like a basic saddles shoe, but it has a secret: it’s 1,875 shoes in one.  With three different shoe colors – white, grey, and black – and interchangeable saddles and laces, you could wear a different combination every day for over 5 years.

Swapping the saddles takes only a minute.  The video tutorial can be seen HERE.  What makes the process easier is that you don’t need to unlace them – the laces go along with the saddle.


The fit of the Jack Grace Innovator 1.0 is a little long and a touch narrow.  I wear either a 13 or 14, depending on the brand, and I opted for a 13 at the company’s suggestion.  In trying them on, I found that there was plenty of room from my toe to the end of the shoe, but the width was just barely wide enough.  Jack Grace is very forthright about this, suggesting the players who need a wide shoe will need to wait for future releases.

When you slip it on the first time, you’ll notice that the sole is very firm.  To me, this is an old school feel as opposed to the gym shoe feel of many modern shoes.  Whether that’s a good or bad thing will be up to the wearer.


One of the things I was skeptical about in testing the Innovator 1.0 was the laces.  The idea that the laces were only connected to the saddle which was then connected to the shoe via magnets seemed sketchy.  However, when I pulled on the laces, the shoe tightened just like it should.  Kudos to Jack Grace for quality engineering.

Another surprisingly strong performance comes from the sole.  In an age of wild-looking, high traction sole designs, this basic stud pattern gives you an excellent hold on the ground.  I wouldn’t recommend it for maximum grip in wet, sloppy conditions, but that’s true of almost any spikeless shoe.

Other important performance features are the waterproof upper and the light weight.  The Innovator 1.0 isn’t the lightest shoe I’ve ever worn, but among traditional saddle shoes it’s certainly among the best.


For golfers that need to look good to play well, the Jack Grace Innovator 1.0 is going to be a must-have.  The unique interchangeable saddles allow you to have nearly unlimited looks without breaking your bank.  Best of all, the shoe has solid performance so you can back up your style with strong play.

Win a Pair of Jack Grace Golf Shoes!

PluggedInGolf and Jack Grace are going to make one lucky reader very stylish.  Here’s how you can enter to win:

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  1. SirShives

    Black shoes
    USA blue saddle
    Kelly green laces
    Please and thank you.

    • I was the lucky joker that won this comp. I am happy to report my Jack Grace shoes are still going strong. Beautiful quality shoes which combines stability with great comfort…. as well as style and versatility via the saddles. I have quite a few shoes and these are the best.

  2. Grey Innovator 1.0
    Kelley Saddle
    Grey Laces
    Size 12
    Thank you for the great review!

  3. Michael Payne

    I like the crimson saddle shoe look. Will go nicely with my loudmouth shorts!

  4. Jeff Kloc

    White shoes
    Navy saddle
    Size 9
    Would love a new pair of shoes. Haven’t bought ones in over 10 years. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Steven Vigil

    The white innovator shoe with cobalt and navy would look really nice along with the waxed white shoes👌👌👌

  6. Andy vigil

    Black shoes with charcoal and black laces, dark as possible!!

  7. Nelson Flores

    White shoes
    Black saddle
    Black laces
    Thanks! The shoes looks great!

  8. Patrick Eustace

    I would go with either the grey shoe and the pink laces and saddle or I would rep the Arizona state for my cousin who’s a grad.

  9. Mark Molamphy

    Red saddles
    White shoes
    Size 11
    Green laces

  10. Joe Golfer

    White shoes, with white saddle and laces (Yes, I’m a boring guy, ha ha).
    Size 10.5, since the article states that they run long.
    By the way, this looks like a sharp looking shoe, and I happen to like a firmer sole as opposed to those soft, rubbery ones, so the description of the shoe sounds good to me. Hope the shoe has decent lateral stability, should I be fortunate enough to win.

  11. Choldread

    White shoes with the cobalt saddle and laces. 10.5 wide or 11 regular width.

  12. Cobalt Blue
    White Shoe
    11.5 US Size

    They’ll do me nicely thank you.

    PS. PIG remains the best reviewers on golf

  13. Dave Kinda

    White shoes size 9
    Blue saddle
    Red laces
    I’m a veteran and patriotic

  14. Tom Gorman

    I would pick black and navy. Thee shoes look great.

    • I was the lucky joker that won this comp. I am happy to report my Jack Grace shoes are still going strong. Beautiful quality shoes which combines stability with great comfort…. as well as style and versatility via the saddles. I have quite a few shoes and these are the best.

  15. Mark Robinson

    Chocolate w White Shoe
    11.5 uS Size

  16. troy peterson

    Size 12
    Grey Shoe
    Orange Saddle
    Black Laces

  17. gray shoe, plum saddle, pink laces, size 8.5

  18. size11.0 grey shoe
    crimson saddle
    grey laces
    Roll Tide Roll!

  19. Kirk Hobbs

    Black Innovator 1.0
    Black Saddle
    Black Laces
    Size 12
    Great website. Thanks.

  20. Iuri Santos

    Grey shoes
    USA blue saddle
    Blue laces
    9 US size
    Thank you.

  21. David Holliday


  22. Grey shoes, plum saddle, orange laces, size 11.5. Thank you for the opportunity.

  23. Jim Reikowsky

    Black Shoes
    Crimson Saddle
    Black Laces

  24. Gray Innovator 1.0
    Black saddle
    blue lace
    Size 12

  25. Jake Harris

    Grey shoe. Size 10
    Black saddle. Black laces.


  26. Gary McCormick

    Innovator 1.0 White
    Chocolate Saddles
    black laces

  27. Sandeep lamichhane

    White shoes
    USA Blue Saddle & Laces
    Navy saddle & Laces
    Size: 10.5
    This shoes looks very great…love to wear this Soon!

  28. grey shoe + charcoal saddle + grey laces

    thanks for the opportunity!

  29. Noel Guillaume

    Red saddle and laces – thanks

    Size 11.0

    Thanks so much.

  30. Jim Jaworski

    Innovator 1.0 Grey
    Burnt Orange saddles
    Teal Laces
    Size 13
    Looks like an interesting idea with the interchangeable saddles and lace combos.

  31. The Caime combo looks sweet! Thanks! Sz11

    Innovator 1.0 Men’s Golf Shoe White
    Size 11


  33. Jake Van Curen

    Innovator 1.0 black
    Latte Saddle
    Black laces
    Size 11.5

  34. Steve Cecil

    White and Navy Blue in a 9.5

  35. Michelle Simons

    USA BLUE SADDLES & LACES WITH THE INNOVATOR 1.0 MEN’S GOLF SHOE BLACK, These are amazing. I love how you can change them. I also subscribed. Thank you for the chance.

  36. Sebastian

    Maroon saddles and laces with the grey shoe.
    Size 10.5


  37. Steinthor Sigurdsson

    Black Innovator 1.0
    Charcoal Saddle
    Black Laces
    10.5 US

  38. Innovator 1.0 Shoe (white)
    Orange Saddles
    Cobalt Laces
    Size 10.5

  39. Black shoes with the USA blue saddle 🇺🇸 size 12!

  40. Thomas Brokl

    Innovator 1.0 Shoe (White)
    Size 10
    USA Blue Saddles
    USA Blue Laces

    I bought my wife something like this back in 1979. They were Royal Golf white on white saddles shoes with 4 interchangeable colored Kilties. Kilties were White, Pink, Yellow & Light Blue. Kilties were held on by a velcro strip and by inserting laces through holes in the Kilties to tie shoes.

    What ever happened to Royal Golf? They were the first company to make golf balls with Hex Dimple patterns. I bought my first set of Royal irons in 1967 and sold them in 1976 when I bought a set of Walter Hagen Haig Ultras.

  41. Rick Miller

    Grey Innovator 1.0
    Red Saddle / Laces
    Size 12

  42. Its great explanation about Jack Grace Innovator 1.0 Golf Shoe Review. thank you so much

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