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The Iceblock putter is a creative standalone putter designed to help with alignment and create a true pendulum putting motion.


A Professor and Doctor of Medicine from Basil, Switzerland, Daniel F. à Wengen grew increasingly frustrated with his options for putting.  He was looking for a putter that was both well designed and extremely precise, so he put his creative energy to work.  Applying the same principles that served him well developing medical implants: precision and simplicity, he developed the Iceblock Putter.


The Iceblock putter is appropriately named.  The large 500 gram head is made from a durable, transparent acrylic and does look like a block of ice.  Boasting the largest head in the industry, the Iceblock takes a little while to get used to.  The face height is taller then the average putter and combined with the transparency of the material, judging the depth on your stroke takes some getting used to.

This is not your traditional putter, and I had many a curious stare as I worked on the practice green.  The center shaft and alignment marks make this a very clean looking putter.  Alignment marks are on the top and bottom of the putter.  The blue lines are the exact width of a ball and the orange line is your center line.

The proprietary Iceblock putting grip is a striking bright blue.  The Iceblock comes in the “icebox” with magnetic closure.  The cover is easy on, easy off and sticks to the irons in your bag to help prevent loss.

Sound & Feel

The Iceblock putter is made from a solid acrylic block that measures 3 7/8” long, 2 ¼” wide and 1 ½” tall.  Balls come off the putter face surprisingly well.  Although it may look like a plastic toy, the Iceblock putter is a solid block that delivers solid feel and solid sound at impact.

I love the grip that comes with the putter.  It is a perfect combination of soft and tacky.  There is a flat section running down the front of the grip that helps with positioning your hand and fingers for the stroke.


The Iceblock putter is all about alignment.  The club is perfectly symmetrical allowing the same club to be used for both left and right-handed players.  It also stands upright on its own allowing you to position your putter, walk behind the ball to check your aim, then return to make a putting stroke.  I liked this and used it during my rounds.  It definitely helped my alignment and trained my eye to visualize correct lines on the green.

After a slight adjustment period, I was able to get dialed in on distances. The Iceblock putter was equally competent on long and short distance putts.  It is quite difficult to NOT hit the center of the putter face.  Off center putts were rare, and although the sound was the same, the results were shorter and more offline.  Putts from 10 feet and less were easier to keep on line than longer putts.

A longer putting stroke with this putter head can be cumbersome. The 1 ½” deep transparent head made it tricky to keep the bottom edge from digging into the turf on some putts. This was very frustrating.

The Iceblock putter comes at either 31” or 33” length.  There are no loft or lie options.  The lack of lie options is a big negative.  To align the top marks with the bottom marks you can only stand in one position directly over the top of the putter which extends your hands a good 8” away from your body.  If you putt with your hands close to your body, the tall shaft angle will produce a toe up position, which will induce a heel drag when putting.  To use the Iceblock putter effectively, you must change your putting mechanics to fit the club.


The Iceblock putter is a unique club.  I used the club with mixed results.  I was much more competent with shorter putts than longer ones.  The Iceblock putter is a very solid club as long as your putting stance can take advantage of the alignment aids.

I felt that this was a great training tool.  The weight of the club helped me make a smoother takeaway that stayed on plane.  Being able to stand behind my ball to view my alignment was educational.  The alignment aids did help me start my putts on a more accurate line.

If you do not mind the stares and smirks from other golfers and can adapt your stroke to this club, this putter can aid your alignment and help you make more putts.

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  1. Daniel àWengen

    Great review! Thank you for your testing and your feedback.
    As you stated: the putts from 8 feet and in are truly easier with the Iceblock Putter than with other putters. And these short putts will determine any player’s result.
    Putting is all about feeling and trust: the perfect face angle control and the super large sweetspot will provide trust to the player. Feeling comes from practice: soon longer putts will have the same results of distance control and accuracy of line.
    We use the Iceblock Putter on long and very long putts: even from the fringe or the fairway. The result is regularly better than from chipping. So we suggest to practice long putts on a regular basis to gain trust.
    All in all: bravo for your great work!
    Inventor of the

  2. Todd Williams

    Not sure I could put with that one #SecretGiveaway

  3. I like the concept, just not the cost. I own the “Bat” putter which does the same thing

  4. Michael Forquer

    Do not purchase this putter. It is a very low grade product that the company does not stand behind. They offered no help with my return and it cost me $100 to ship it back. Avoid this product at all cost!

    • Michael Feland

      May I ask what happened to your putter? I found that it was pretty solid, and appeared well made. Surprised to hear that you had issues with it. Did you like the putter before the problems?

  5. brett maxedon

    Would like to trade my putter for the stand alone version? How do i go about this?

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