Honma TR20 P Irons Review

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The Honma TR20 P irons look like they’re players irons, but they perform a bit more like game improvement clubs.


Like most American golfers, I’m just getting to know Honma.  Having taken a look at a couple of their TW irons in the past, I was eager to check out the new TR20 line and see what changed and what remained the same.  The TR20 P irons made a strong first impression, and I was hopeful that they would back that up with great performance.


In the bag, the Honma TR20 P irons have the look of a high end players club.  The shape of the cavity is modern without being gaudy, and there’s just enough engraving to hold your attention.  Branding is fairly minimal, and the silver/black/gold color scheme is a winner.

At address, there’s a little more size than you might expect.  This is a compact iron from heel to toe, but the top line is a touch thicker than most players irons.  Similarly, the sole is a wider than expected.  The offset is right on the edge of acceptable for this type of club.

Sound & Feel

The impact feel of the TR20 P irons is noticeably firmer than their partner in the TR20 line, the TR 20 V.  Striking the ball on the center of the face creates a solid “clap” that feels more fast than premium.  When contact wanders away from the sweet spot, the feel becomes hard, bordering on harsh.  While not pleasant, this does provide excellent feedback on your ball striking.


I love when OEMs are forthright, and with the TR20 P irons, Honma is that.  “Strong lofts for distance” is the second bullet point on their website for the TR20 P.  While these certainly aren’t the strongest lofts I’ve ever seen, they are strong for a players iron, and they’re very effective at creating distance.

Much like the TW 747 P irons (review HERE), the TR 20 P irons produce strong ball speed and low spin.  That combination translates to a very strong ball flight with plenty of distance.  Trouble can arise at the destination, particularly for the low spin or low launch player.  If you don’t generate enough spin or height, the ball will skip over the green rather than landing and stopping.

One element of the TR20 P that surprised me is that I had a hard time controlling my shots.  Though this isn’t a particularly big iron, it felt bulky to me during the swing.  The result was a steady diet of draws with very little variety.  Of course, that’s how my swing interacted with this club and your results may differ.


The Honma TR20 P irons are an interesting offering that pairs some of the look of a players iron with performance more reminiscent of a game improvement club.  For players seeking a lot of distance in their approach game, that might be a winning combination.  As always, make sure that you test these with the help of a qualified fitter before you invest.

Honma TR20 P Irons Price & Specs

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  1. I just bought a set of the 747P partially based on your review. How would you compare the blade length and top line of the TR20P to the previous model? I like the loft makeup of the TR set more than the ultra jacked lofts of the 747 honestly but I really like the thin top line and shape of the 747s. Also, it looks like the TR20P gets a forged face where the 747 was all cast. Was there a significant difference in feel between the two from your recollection?
    Thanks for any info back. Cheers

    • Matt Saternus


      Without having them side by side, I’m hesitant to make any definitive statements about the small size differences between the two.



  2. Larry Castagnoli

    Looking to buy a set of PR20P’s with the UST Maymiya Recoil 800 series shafts F3…..all I can find is the UST Elements shaft sold thru TrueSpec (where I was fit last week) and they gouge you on shaft price…this shafts are seemingly the same except TrueSpec had the shaft made “special” for them! Ha!

    can you direct me?

    • Matt Saternus


      I’m not that familiar with UST Recoil shafts or retailers, but I would guess that you can buy them through Club Champion. I do know that Club Champion carries Honma if you’re looking to buy the full clubs.


  3. Do you have any idea why Honma clubs have such extreme price differentials? Example: The TW727 430 Driver has several listed on eBay from $150 to $900, and they have the same shaft and are in similar condition? There are 3 or 4 Honma Drivers that I’m interested in, but those price gaps have me concerned?
    Excellent Reviews! I really enjoyed your article about your trip to Scott Readman Concepts and your putter!

    • Matt Saternus

      I really have no idea. When you get into eBay, you’re always bringing counterfeit clubs into the mix, which could explain the low end of that range.



    • It’s because Honma is a very expensive club brand, except in the US. The TW727 is, as of your question, 1 generation old. Prices drop like a stone.

  4. Hey Matt, so the 7 iron loft is 2.5 weaker in the TR20p compared to the TW747P. Is there a loss of distance and in the TR20P . I believe both 10 irons are the same loft. Curious about gapping issues. Thx

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