HoleOut Pro and HoleOut ProMass Review

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The HoleOut ProMass works with the HoleOut Pro as the easiest-to-use counter weighting system in golf.


Over the last couple years, counter weighting has been one of the biggest topics in putting.  The problem is that counter balancing a putter seems inaccessible to many golfers.  HoleOut Golf solves that problem with the ProMass.  Used in conjunction with the HoleOut Pro, it allows golfers to experience counter weighting without changing the grip on their putter.

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How ProMass Works

The HoleOut ProMass is easier to use than any other counter weighting system I’ve come across.  Once you’ve cut your grip to accommodate the HoleOut Pro, you simply screw the ProMass to the HoleOut Pro, plug it into your grip, and tighten it down with a screwdriver.

With other systems, there are problems with weights getting stuck.  That doesn’t happen with the ProMass.  Whether you’re testing different weights or comparing counter weighting to standard weighting, ProMass is the system you’ll want to use.

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The Benefits of ProMass

In a word, the benefit of ProMass is: options.  In two words: fitting options.  I learned through a recent fitting with Edel just how important weight is in a putter.  Many of us have long appreciated the importance of head weight, but what I learned Edel was the value of counter weight.  Now that I have the right weight throughout the putter, I’m controlling distance better than I ever have and with less effort.

ProMass allows you to try three different counter weight options (50 grams, 75 grams, and 100 grams) with relatively little expense and without buying a new putter.  Also, it’s a system you can move from putter to putter if you have a collection.

Finally, it’s important for me to say that counterweighting is not going to make everyone a better putter.  If you already have great distance control, just go play.  However, most people struggle with putting, and it may not be entirely their fault.  ProMass puts some great fitting and customization options within the reach of every golfer.


The HoleOut Method

I would be remiss if I wrote about the HoleOut ProMass and the HoleOut Pro without mentioning the HoleOut Method.  The HoleOut Method is something you can use whether you use ProMass or not, all you need is the HoleOut Pro.

To appreciate the HoleOut Method, you need to understand that your putter shaft only creates a vertical line in two positions.  In every other position it creates a skewed reference point (see the picture above).

The HoleOut Pro allows you to identify the position where your putter creates a vertical reference line so that you can have a perfect plumb line for every read.  If you are currently a plumb bobber, or you want to become an effective one, the HoleOut Pro is a must have.

For a video fully explaining the HoleOut Method, click HERE.

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If you’re looking to experiment with counterweighting, trying to improve your green reading, or simply seeking to make more putts, the HoleOut Pro and HoleOut ProMass are simple, easy to use accessories that can help.  Best of all, both are inexpensive and come with a 30 day full refund guarantee.

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