HipStart Training Aid Review


50 Words or Less

The HipStart training aid is designed to teach you to initiate your downswing with your hips.  Clear feedback.  Minimal longevity.


Every week when you’re watching the PGA Tour, you see slow-motion video of the pro’s swings.  One common trait that’s pointed out frequently is how they initiate the swing with their lower body.  This is something that all golfers should aspire to since it’s the root of power and distance, but how do you train it?  HipStart claims to be the answers.

Set Up & Ease of Use

There’s virtually no set up required for the HipStart.  Once you clip the HipStart onto your pants or belt, you’re good to go.

It was not immediately obvious what I was supposed to do with the HipStart, but a short video on their website explains it.  Once you’ve seen the demo, you’ll have no issues going forward.

In short, you clip the HipStart to your trail hip, point the arm backward, and make a swing (it’s recommended for warm ups only).  If the arm flips forward, that’s a successful rep.


The feedback from HipStart is black and white – either the arm flipped forward or it didn’t.  That part is good.

What I’m more skeptical of is whether or not HipStart actually indicates what it claims to.  I made some practice swings with a really exaggerated hip motion that didn’t flip the arm.  My experience was that the arm only flips if you put some speed into it.  I could imagine a slower swinger who is initiating the swing with their hips but can’t flip the arm over.


Minimal.  The HipStart is a unitasker, and it’s not something you will want to have on while hitting balls.  HipStart’s best audience will be those who are conscientious about warming up before they hit balls.


HipStart sells for just $20 (support PIG, buy it HERE).  At this low price, I think the HipStart is a decent buy if your hip turn is something you’re working on.  It’s a good way to get a little feedback and to work on snapping your hips faster.


As one of golf’s most famous instructors said, “It’s all in the hips.”  If you need to work on starting your swing with the hips, or getting a faster turn, HipStart can give you feedback on that.  It’s not terribly sophisticated, but it can help you work on a problem that’s notoriously hard to solve.

Buy HipStart HERE

Matt Saternus


  1. Brandon Cox

    They really need a promo video featuring and endorsed by Chubbs Peterson

  2. Peter Simshauser

    I have been having some sequencing issues following a layoff (shoulder injury). I’ve begun using this and it’s been helpful. Not terribly sophisticated but seems effective for what it targets.

  3. Its really awesome review about aid, this product feature is great. thanks a lot

  4. I use it as I tend to get lazy with my hips and don’t use them enough. Saw my 13 yr old son not using his hips, and said “Try this.” He got the idea quickly.

    Useful? Yes.
    Will it get you using your hips? Yes.
    Will your playing partners laugh if you show it to them? Yes.
    Use it on the range and hide it. If they don’t want to use their hips, just smile.

  5. Steven keifer

    I ordered this and see the money was taken off my account, but never received an email letting me know the shipping details

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