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Hickies turn your shoes into slip-ons.  Fun options for adding color.  Solid performance once you find your fit.



It would be very reasonable to ask, “Why in the world are you writing about elastic shoelaces?”  The answer: Masters champ Danny Willett wears them, making this product relevant to golfers everywhere…I guess.

Regardless of “golf relevance,” we’re always on the lookout for products that can improve our quality of life (no better example than THIS).  We wanted to know if Hickies could fit that bill.



Your shoes are a reflection of your style, and Hickies offer a fun way to take that up another notch.  There are 29 different colors of Hickies, ranging from black and white to “Neon Rainbow” and metallic golds and silvers.

Installing a set of Hickies takes at least as much time as putting in a new set of laces, so don’t expect to swap them out in seconds.  That said, I could easily see sneaker heads changing them out regularly to give the same shoes a variety of looks.



Despite knowing that Danny Willett won the Masters in Hickies, I was skeptical about their ability to keep my foot in my shoe as well as traditional laces do.  Extensive testing have proven my fears to be unfounded.  Hickies work just as well as laces for golf or other athletic activities.  I have Hickies installed on my regular practice golf shoes, and I haven’t had a problem with slipping in thousands of swings.

Part of making sure your Hickies perform well is finding the best lacing style for you (learn more HERE).  Just like regular laces, Hickies can be installed in a variety of ways to make your shoes looser or tighter.  Hickies are one-size-fits-all, so it’s likely that you’ll need a slight modification to get a perfect fit.  For my size 14’s, I found that I couldn’t use the standard installation without turning the top lace into a projectile.  Once I switched to the “loose” installation, they worked as advertised.



Unless you really hate tying your shoes, Hickies aren’t going to change your life.  They can, however, breathe some new life into a tired pair of shoes or change the way that your shoes fit.  I was impressed with their on-course performance, and I’ll certainly be outfitting some of my go-to shoes with Hickies.

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  1. I’m certain they could have come up with a better name.

  2. Jason Warlond

    I first tried these in a pair of table shoes where there is a lot of lateral force when playing at decent competition level. Found them more comfortable than laces. Now have them in sneakers and golf shoes which are now all really comfy but stable slip ons. Even on my son’s school shoes. Agree that it can be a little trial and error getting the right pattern to lace them occasionally. And not super cheap. But very good.

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