Haywood Golf Signature Wedge Review

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The Haywood Golf Signature Wedge is a great value.  Good spin numbers.  Looks great in the bag.  Sole does not want to dig.


Has anyone else noticed that wedges are getting expensive?  What used to be a $100 club is now commonly $150 or more, and we’re not even talking about the truly high end or boutique brands.

As they have with their Signature Putter [review HERE], Haywood Golf is here to bring value to the equipment game.  At just $99, can their Signature Wedge compare to the bigger names?  Let’s find out.


We need to start with the back of this club, because it illustrates how simple it can be to make a beautiful golf club.  When this wedge is in the bag, all you see if a clean, white “Haywood” signature. I know I said this about the Haywood Signature Putter, but it’s true here, too: if any big name put out a wedge this clean, we would all be washed away by the flood of praise.

At address, the Haywood Golf Signature Wedge is average in size with a round shape.  The leading edge is quite rounded, and the fuller heel makes the face look a bit large.

The Signature Wedge is offered in three finishes: Brushed Silver (below), Raw (above), and Black PVD (available for a $5 up-charge).

Sound & Feel

On short chips, the Haywood Golf Signature Wedge produces a fairly firm feel with a heavy “tock” at impact.  Longer pitches and full swings produce a similar combination of firm feel and slightly loud impact sound.

Feedback from the Signature Wedge is solid through the hands and ears.  You don’t need to spend much time with this club before you can easily discern misses from pure strikes and locate impact with precision.


With the Haywood Golf Signature Wedge, the two performance pieces that merit discussion are the sole and the spin.  We’ll start with the latter.

Per Haywood, the grooves and face of the Signature Wedge are CNC milled “right to the legal limit.”  The result is spin numbers that are solidly in the company of most every big name wedge you can think of.  Having reviewed many, many wedges, particularly this fall, it does feel like we’re reaching something close to parity in spin, and the Haywood Golf Signature Wedge is not being left behind.

Now let’s move to the sole.  Taking a look at the specs, the bounce numbers on the Signature Wedge are medium to slightly high – anywhere from 8 to 12 degrees, depending on the loft.  Each loft has just one bounce/sole option.  The soles are fairly wide and full.

I found that this translated to two things.  First, these wedges do not want to dig.  I was testing in sloppy fall conditions, and the sole consistently worked its way out of the turf.  Second, the leading edge does rise noticeably when you open the face.  I didn’t have any problems hitting soft, high lofted pitches with the Signature Wedge, but if you struggle with that shot or are sensitive to a slightly elevated leading edge, you might consider bending the lofts down or grinding away some of the trailing edge.


For under $100, you can get a Haywood Golf Signature Wedge built to your specs.  If you’re trying to round out your bag on a budget, I’m not sure there are many better values in golf right now.  This wedge is a solid performer without the big name upcharge.

Visit Haywood Golf HERE

Haywood Golf Signature Wedge Price & Specs

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  1. Sounds like a company that people need to notice…
    I’m looking for a wedge and this looks like a great choice .

  2. Are they cast or forged?

  3. Lools great and for a very competitive price!! Hurray!!

  4. I love what Haywood is doing and they make lefties. I wish the bounce options were a little better. I also have my eye one the lefty iron set.


    Hi Matt,

    Any chance you guys can review the Haywood signature irons? They look great but not a lot of feedback when I searched.

    • Matt Saternus


      We can certainly reach out to them. If you would let them know on social media that you value our reviews, that would help as well.




    I would, but I am not on any social media platforms by choice. I will send them and email to let them know. Thanks for the reply!

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