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The Half Light Sunday Bag is a light weight, minimalist golf bag.  100% made in the USA but very affordable.  A great choice for the walking golfer.

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As a lover of minimalist golf it pains me to say this, but Sunday bags have gotten out of control.  These seemingly simple bags can cost as much or more than most drivers.  That’s why I was so pleased when a reader brought Half Light golf bags to my attention.  With a price that’s at or below the average golf bag, Half Light offers a Sunday bag that will hold up for years and support a more traditional approach to the game.


The Half Light Sunday Bag is a simple, clean looking bag.  At the time of this review, it’s offered in navy blue (seen here) and forest green.  The zippers and stitching are done in black, keeping the look subdued.  A light brown leather covers the bottom and the valuables pocket, providing the only strong contrast.

As you would expect, branding is kept to an absolute minimum.  There’s a very small black “Half Light Bag Co.” tag near the ball pocket.  You need to look inside the bag to find the larger tag with the Half Light logo.  This leaves a lot of blank space to make the bag your own with patches or pins.  Or you can simply enjoy the beauty of minimalism.

Finally, Half Light does offer custom colors and logo embroidery for golf courses, companies, or events.  This is reserved for large orders, but they encourage customers to reach out to discuss details.


With some modern golf bags, this section gets really long.  That won’t be the case with the Half Light Sunday bag.  This quiver features two pockets: a small one near the top (above) for valuables, gloves, or a rangefinder and a large one at the bottom.

The larger pocket is spacious – you can fit eighteen balls in there without issue.  That said, packing this pocket can impinge on your ability to slide your clubs in and out.

As I noted in my review of the Koger golf bag [find it HERE], I appreciate what this lack of storage does for me.  When I have a dozen pockets, I pack everything under the sun.  When I’m operating under a constraint, I cut down to what’s truly essential and enjoy the walk much more.


The Half Light Sunday bag weighs in under two pounds, making it one of the lightest bags you can buy.  It doubles down on light weight with the limited storage, but it does allow you to tote “up to 12 clubs.”  I loaded it up with my normal set – 8 clubs – and found it to be a superb fit.  Even with midsize grips, the clubs moved in and out easily.  This is in part due to something I’ve never seen on a Sunday bag – a full-length club divider!

When it comes to carrying the Half Light Sunday bag, there are two straps: a padded shoulder strap and a simple nylon carry handle.  The shoulder strap has modest padding, but you don’t need much given the bag’s light weight.  There is ample adjustability in the shoulder strap so that it can be carried comfortably regardless of your size or how you load the bag.

All this talk of light weight might lead one to question this bag’s sturdiness, but that concern would be misplaced.  Everything about the bag feels durable, from the material to the construction.  These bags are made in the USA by Rose & Fire [headcover review HERE], a company with a great reputation for quality.

Overall, the Half Light Sunday bag does everything it’s supposed to on the course.  It carries the clubs and accessories you need and forces you to eliminate everything else.  You’ll walk the course unburdened and play with more energy, promoting your own style rather than being a walking billboard.


For under $200, the Half Light Sunday bag is one of the best values in golf bags.  This will last much longer than your average bag, and the light weight will help your energy levels last longer on the course.  Whether you’re a seasoned minimalist or just considering a new approach, this is a great bag to own.

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  1. Good review, Matt – thank you for it. Very timely for “winter golf” which begs for walking in brisk weather with a sampling of clubs in the bag. I could be a brat and ask you if this very economic bag will replace your beloved Koger as your gamer……but I won’t, Lol. You are right though…..as compared to other “name” minimalist bags, this is quite bargain.

  2. I’m looking at this bag, a Koger, and a Mackenzie Sunday Walker as my next bag purchase. I really appreciate things that I can buy once and keep for a very long time. Do you feel like the Half Light is the best buy of the 3? The only concern I have is the lack of a structured top. I only carry 5-7 clubs, but I really do like the structured top of my PING Moonlite.

    • Matt Saternus


      I think that if we’re talking purely about durability to dollars, Half Light is pretty darn hard to beat. That said, if you want to keep a bag for years, if a bag doesn’t have the features you want, it’s not a good value.



  3. Alfred DuPuy

    Oooh. If I had waited, I might have purchased this one instead! Thanks for the review, Matt.

    I bought the Koger based almost solely on your review and, of course, my research. That said, I have owned the Koger for about five months now and really, really like it. Yes, it was expensive, but when I play my evening 9’s with it, gosh darn it, do I feel good about it ;->


    • Matt Saternus


      I think the Half Light is a great bag, especially for the money, but I still carry my Koger over everything else.



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