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50 Words or Less

Rose & Fire makes solid, sturdy, hand-crafted covers with a unique look.  Great long-lasting addition for the frequent golfer’s bag.

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If you’re looking to stand out by blending in, then look no further than the Rose & Fire camouflage headcovers (along with the rest of their leather, denim, and canvas cover lines). These aren’t your average socks, and in terms of protection and durability, it doesn’t get much better.

Rose and Fire’s unique approach stands out from the start. These are straightforward products built to last, incorporating heavy duty materials and construction into a golfer’s bag.

Founder Mike Buchfuhrer named the company after his grandmother Rose, who designed hats after World War II.  It’s that same tradition of Grandma Rose’s quality and durability that make Rose & Fire’s covers not just some last-minute Father’s Day gift, but more of a long-term investment.

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Quality & Design

Handmade in Los Angeles from sturdy canvas, leather, and denim materials, along with military-grade velcro, Rose & Fire covers come across as quality from first look to fiftieth round.  Each cover’s heavy-duty construction surrounds the club head with a thick layer of padding that absorbs just about any force it comes into contact with.

As an added bonus, the covers have well-incorporated and sizable zipper pockets for convenient stashing of tees, ball markers, lucky charms, wedding rings, you name it.

For the wood covers, the elongated sleeve design allows for easy on and off, while remaining versatile enough to accommodate any driver on the market. The putter covers have thick, soft padding and that sturdy velcro to fit snugly around those birdie makers, while also allowing for easy access.

What’s more is that Rose & Fire’s catalog has a wide spectrum of designs that draws from influences well beyond golf. From motorcycle leather, to various MIL-SPEC camo, to denim with a pocket, each Rose & Fire set is guaranteed to be unique and long-lasting. Various camouflage designs are actual U.S. military patterns, some of which soldiers only wear overseas.  To top it off, each piece comes with a thick metal pull-ring and a beautiful leather marker with the Rose & Fire logo and/or club identification.

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Rose & Fire keeps its options simple but comprehensive, with each style having options for drivers, woods, hybrids and putters. The prices range from $30-$60 per cover, depending on material, and while an entire set may run over a hundred dollars, it’s important to keep in mind how long these will last you.

Beautiful white Italian leather constitutes the high end, with cotton canvas at the low end.  You can even order a mystery box for $28 to add a little intrigue.

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As with anything in the golf merchandise space, the headcover market is a crowded one. But Rose & Fire introduces a novel concept, one of handmade, traditional textile quality, which ends up setting it apart from the competition.

A set of these covers is an investment, but when you think about it, given what we spend on our woods and putters, why wouldn’t you invest in prolonging their life?

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