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Grun Golf makes polos and golf apparel from recycled material for lighter environmental footprint.  Polos have great stretch and a neat, tailored fit.  Style elevates beyond solids without going too bold.


Grun – German for “green” – was a name chosen to describe the company’s reason for being.  Their goal is to create high quality apparel using recycled materials that are friendlier to the planet.  As golfers, that should be a mission that we can all get behind, but does it require compromising on the quality of the apparel?  I tested some of their polos to find out.


Grun Golf excels at designing polos that deviate from your standard solids without being over the top.  I think this will hit a sweet spot for golfers who want to step up their style without going too bold.  Of the twelve designs in stock at the time of this writing, nine feature tight patterns that look like solids from a distance but have more visual interest up close.

For those that want a bolder look, Grun Golf’s current collection focuses on palm trees.  I like the dialed down colors of the Maui Polo (above), but if you want a loud print with loud colors, go for the aptly-named Miami Vice Polo.


I was able to test Grun Golf’s polos in sizes medium and large.  At 6 feet tall, 193 pounds, I found the medium (above) to provide a trim, athletic fit.  The shirt is fitted through the chest with a modest taper to the waist, eliminating any billowing or excess fabric.  Sleeve length hits mid-bicep and is fitted around the arms.  The materials that Grun uses (92% polyester, 8% spandex) have wonderful stretch, too.

I found the looser, more casual fit that some players prefer in the size large (above).  These sleeves ended just an inch above my elbow and gave my arms plenty of breathing room.  Similarly, the chest and torso were roomier.  What is still present is a slight taper to the waist, which keeps this shirt looking neat even with the baggier fit.


Back to the fundamental question of this review: does using “green” materials require a sacrifice in performance?  The answer, at least in the case of Grun Golf, is no.

The first thing I noticed when I pulled on one of Grun’s polos is the stretch.  Grun calls this a “4-way stretch,” and it makes these shirts incredibly comfortable and easy to move in.  Whether in a more fitted shirt or a looser one, I never found any resistance to my swing or any other movement.

Another thing that stood out is the weight.  Grun Golf found a Goldilocks middle ground where their shirts feel substantial enough to wear when it’s cool but not so heavy that you can’t wear them in the heat.  I have numerous shirts that are for one season only, but Grun’s polos will be worn year round.

In addition, Grun gives each of their polos UPF 50+ to protect you from the sun, moisture wicking, and wrinkle-resistance.  Finally, the shirts have an effective anti-odor property.  Anyone who’s worn cheap polyester shirts knows that this is not a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity.


Grun Golf’s polos show that you can go green without sacrificing performance or style.  These shirts stand out from the ocean of solids without being too peacocky for the average golfer.  More importantly, these shirts perform on the course.  Regardless of the fit you prefer, the stretch will keep these shirts moving with your swing rather than fighting it.

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