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The Grit Golf Tower golf bag has incredible storage capacity.  Smart design gives you better access to your stuff while you’re playing.  A fantastic choice for riders or pushers.


As much as I try to cover all aspects of the golf world, I know that my personal preferences lead me to pay more attention to certain things.  As an example, I review way more Sunday bags than cart bags.  Today, I’m balancing that scale a bit with an in-depth look at the new Grit Golf Tower golf bag.  This mega bag has more storage space than most SUVs and is perfect for the riding golfer.


Right out of the box, the Grit Golf Tower grabbed my attention with its unusual shape.  While some cart bags are square-ish, this bag is a full on rectangle.  It takes up every inch of available space on the cart so you can bring more gear.

Grit Golf Tower Golf Bag front

In terms of branding, the Golf Tower is a modern bag with a large “GRIT” down either side and smaller “Golf Tower” badging around the bag.  There isn’t a lot of design needed on this bag because your eye is so busy taking in all the features.

The Grit Golf Tower is available in four colorways: black/white, black/red, grey/black/red, and a grey/light blue combination that absolutely shouldn’t exist.


If you love bringing a lot of gear to the course – and having it perfectly organized – you will love the Grit Golf Tower.  The majority of the storage is on the front of the bag, which makes it much more accessible whether you’re riding or pushing.  An 8″ tall “door” zippers open to reveal a huge compartment with three shelves and a waterproof zipper pouch.  On that door there are two more zippered compartments, one big enough for balls or snacks and a smaller, velour-lined one for valuables or a rangefinder.

Above the primary compartment, there’s a “Magnetic Hinged Ball Pouch” that can easily hold two dozen balls.  It swings up to allow the cart strap to lock in behind it.  The front of this pouch has a tee holder and another small zippered pocket.

Grit Golf Tower Golf Bag cooler sleeve

For those that enjoy a cold drink on the course, the Golf Tower comes with a Removable Cooler Sleeve.  It’s insulated, can hold three cans, and attaches to either the inside or outside of the bag.

The back of the bag has a large pocket dedicated to the rain hood.  It’s inaccessible when strapped onto the cart, but I like the idea of having the rain hood out of the way.  This pocket is big enough to store your rain gear, too.

With all these fancy features, you might think that Grit overlooked the basics, but you’d be wrong.  The Golf Tower has a towel ring, an enormous umbrella slot, and a Velcro patch for your glove.  There’s also a small sleeve near the bottom of the bag for a portable speaker.

Finally, my favorite feature is the “fallen item recovery pocket.”  This zipper (above) at the bottom of the bag gives you access to the club compartment so that you can retrieve rings, tees, pencils, or whatever else might fall in alongside your clubs.  It’s a lot better than emptying the bag so you can turn it upside down.

Grit Golf Tower Golf Bag top loaded


The Grit Golf Tower is not meant for the walking golfer.  This is acknowledged on the features list where it says, “Side strap for transporting” with the unwritten part being “…from you car to the cart, because no one with an ounce of brains would walk with this thing.”  That said, the walk to the cart and back is very comfortable thanks to the padding on the back.

The top design of the Golf Tower is a bit unusual, but it works well.  It’s a 15-way top with four full-length dividers.  While I would prefer that all the dividers be full length, the immense footprint of this bag makes it so that the grips rarely tangle, even when the bag is at full capacity.

I was a bit skeptical about how well the rectangular shape would fit on a push cart, but it does work.  Grit did a clever thing with the handle at the bottom, making it also act as a slot for the cart’s straps.  Once I got both straps around the Golf Tower, I had no issues at all.  On a riding cart, the Golf Tower fits perfectly.

Finally, the Systematic Storage works exactly as advertised on the course.  Whether on a push or riding cart, it’s so easy to get to your stuff.  The zipper pockets on the front are more than enough for all the things you want regular access to.  For the once or twice a round items, the shelves inside are great.


The Grit Golf Tower is a great example of a company throwing out convention and creating something that works better.  If you’re a rider or a pusher, the Golf Tower’s Systematic Storage is easier to access and provides better organization, making it more enjoyable to use on the course.

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  1. Great review! I just purchased a new bag not long ago and if your review had already been out I might have gone for this bag. I mainly use an electric trolley now so I figure I might as well just have a large bag that can hold EVERYTHING. I would say my Sun Mountain C130 is a small SUV and this is a full on Minivan. They didn’t think outside the box for this design, they completely filled the box of space available…..which makes sense!

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