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50 Words or Less

Greg Norman golf apparel is high quality, reasonably priced, and has a style that balances tradition with eye-catching details.

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Those of us who came to golf in the Tiger Era may not be aware of this, but Greg Norman was one of the greatest golfers ever.  With 2 majors, 86 professional wins, and over 6 years as the #1 player in the world, his record stands up against almost anyone’s.  Beyond that, his aggressive style of play and swagger won him the adulation of millions of golf fans.  This combination is why, over two decades after his last major win, Greg Norman golf apparel is still a fixture in most pro shops.

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Style & Fit

The Greg Norman golf apparel fits into the middle of the golf apparel spectrum – it’s neither garish and loud nor overly traditional.  The pieces you see here are classic enough for anyone to wear, but each one has something that makes it pop.  My favorite piece is the black vest: the red piping and lining give this pullover a lot more character than your average piece of outerwear.

The fit of these pieces is similarly balanced.  The shirts aren’t giant garbage bags, but they’re also not cut for 90 pound Europeans.  These shirts are cut to fit comfortably and highlight your better features.  One thing to note, however, is that the pants are cut a bit slimmer than average in the legs and seat.  If you’re a frequent visitor to the squat rack, you’ll definitely need to size up.

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The pieces that I tested from Greg Norman golf apparel don’t just look good, they perform well also.  What stood out most to me was the quality of the materials.  It starts with the polo – many synthetic materials simply feel cheap, but this one has substantial weight and softness to it.  During the round it felt good on my skin as opposed to feeling light and scratchy.  The outwear and pants have a similar weight to them that simply feels good.  It’s also worth noting that the outwear is roomy enough to fit comfortably over other layers, but it’s well tailored enough to stay out of the way of your swing.

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Sadly, the ability to drive the ball like The Shark is not for sale, but with Greg Norman golf apparel you can at least cop his look.  These garments are high quality, high performance, and they blend traditional style with dashes of modern flair.

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