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The GravityFit TPro is a training aid designed to build awareness of your posture and improve your strength.  Also a valuable tool for training specific motions in the swing.


On the PGA Tour, you may see some unusual swings, but you won’t find players with bad posture.  If you set up with body out of sorts, the chances of playing well are slim to none.

The problem for the amateur player is that improving our posture can be difficult:  we don’t have a world-class coach standing behind us on the range.  The GravityFit TPro seeks to eliminate that problem by providing clear feedback on your set up and allowing you to improve it on and off the course.

Set Up & Ease of Use

Setting up the TPro is quick and easy with the help of the instruction pamphlet.  First, snap the rubber band together with the Back Bow.  Next, slide the Back Bow onto your back and adjust the black plastic clips near your armpit so the TPro stays in place.  Finally, grip the handles.  You’re now set up to receive feedback on your posture.

As for what to do next, you’ll need to reference the instructional pamphlet or GravityFit’s YouTube channel.  The pamphlet has some exercise ideas, and the videos offer swing training ideas.  There’s a basic introductory playlist HERE and a more detailed playlist of drills HERE.  A big thumbs up to GravityFit for making most of the videos about one minute long.


The TPro has two purposes: fixing your posture and providing feedback on your swing.  I’ll discuss each one separately.

With regard to posture, the TPro does provide feedback, but you’ll need to spend a little time with it, perhaps with some guidance, to understand the feedback perfectly.  It is important to understand that the TPro will not fix your posture in one session.  This is exercise: you’ll need discipline and patience to see real results.  Additionally, this is not the kind of exercise that most guys like.  This is not about going hard or fast; it’s about movement quality and awareness.  If you’re not committed to the work, this is not the training aid for you.

There are myriad ways to use the TPro to improve your golf swing, and it can be used with every club.  GravityFit’s YouTube channel does a good job showing at least one way to use the TPro for each club type.

The challenge of the TPro is figuring out how to set it up to address your swing issue.  This is a training aid that provides quality feedback, but you’re more likely to see results if you use it under the supervision of a teaching professional.


GravityFit claims that the TPro is used on a daily basis by professionals like Cameron Smith, Tommy Fleetwood, and Jonas Blixt, and it’s easy to understand why.  The TPro is a great warm up before hitting balls or playing golf because it not only activates your muscles, it also makes you aware of what your body is doing.  Even better, you can use it anywhere – indoors, outdoors, at home, or on the range.

Additionally, TPro can be used not just for golf swing training but for regular exercise.  The combination of versatility and ease of use earns the TPro high marks for longevity.


The GravityFit TPro kit retails through their website for $80 with either the yellow (light) or green (heavy) resistance bands.  For $120 you get the kit with both bands.  The TPro may not seem substantial enough for that money, but for what it does I think it’s a reasonable value.


Working on your posture may not be as instantly gratifying as fixing a slice, but the benefits are wide ranging.  With a stronger, more aware body, not only will your golf improve, your quality of life will go up.  Whether you use it with a coach to fix your swing or purely to improve your body, the Gravity Fit TPro is a training aid worth checking out.

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