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GolfLogix is FREE!  Quality GPS plus stat tracking, all on your phone.  Also, FREE!


The old cliche is, “You get what you pay for.”  Clearly the people behind GolfLogix have never heard this, or perhaps they just hate cliches, because GolfLogix is free and it’s awesome.  Let me tell you why you need to have the #1 golf app on your phone now, if you don’t already.

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Ease of Use & Set Up

If you have a smart phone, you know how to download an app, and you know that part is easy.  From there, just create an account with GolfLogix so you can store your stats and check them from your computer.
When you want to play a course, simply select it from the list of over 30,000 courses and download it.  You do NOT need a wireless connection for this, and it takes roughly 10 seconds.
Everything else about the app, from GPS function to stat tracking, is super simple.  GolfLogix gets a big thumbs up for ease of use.
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Accuracy & Performance

There are a couple of things I want to touch on, but let’s start with the GPS function.  It’s very good.  I will stop short of saying that it’s as precise as a laser rangefinder, but it’s more than adequate for 99.9% of all golfers.  At no point during any of my rounds with GolfLogix did I feel that I had been misled about a distance.  Additionally, the hole overview that you get is really nice.  I’m a long time devotee of laser rangefinders, but it’s hard to argue with the value of seeing that hidden bunker before your ball finds it.
One important thing to note about the GPS function: you do need to turn your phone off between shots or the battery will die.  Alternately, bring some kind of mobile charger.
Now, as much as I like GolfLogix for the GPS, I like it even more for the stats.  As a coach, I love when my players bring me their stats – it’s a snap shot of their performance and a great way to guide their practice.  As a golfer, I love stats because they help me improve.  The problem is that keeping stats is a pain.  Sure, it’s easy to mark some stats on a scorecard for one round, but what next?  Sit at your computer for 15 minutes after the round typing them into an Excel spreadsheet?  Unlikely at best.  With GolfLogix, keeping stats is much easier.  First, you customize the stats that you want to keep.  Then, after each hole, you enter what you did (this takes only a few seconds).  After the round, your stats are compiled so you can see totals for the round or for your season.  I can guarantee that this is something I will be using during every serious round this year, and you should consider doing the same if you’re serious about improving your game.
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Have I mentioned yet that GolfLogix is FREE?  It’s hard to beat all this for FREE.
If you choose, you can upgrade to the Champion Membership for $20/year.  For this additional fee, you get more yardages on your GPS (standard membership only shows the center of the green), the app is ad free, and more.  You can get all the details on the upgrade to Champion Membership HERE.
Whether you go with the free membership or the Champion plan, GolfLogix is a great value.
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As someone who is both a laser lover and has always refused to bring his phone on the course, GolfLogix was a tough sell me, but it won me over.  I love the ease of use and the stat tracking is excellent.  While I won’t be throwing out my beloved Leupold, I will be using GolfLogix to add to my course knowledge, especially at new courses, and to track my stats.  I strongly recommend giving this a try, you literally have nothing to lose.
GolfLogix is available via the Apple App Store, Google Play, and for Blackberry.
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  1. Received an email today for this free apps and downloaded it… you can purchased more features.. is it worth it or the basic apps would do..

  2. Steve Collins

    I just loaded Golf logic yesterday and was looking forward to using it today. I start my round and am trying to get use to it and right in the middle of the hole it starts poping up for me to upgrade now, can you believe it, in the middle of a hole while I’m trying to learn the program, unbelievable. So I turned it off and when I got to the clubhouse I uninstalled it. What idiots.

  3. Robert Daigneault

    How much data does Golf Logic uses for a typical 4.5 hours golf round ???

    • Matt Saternus


      To be honest, I have no idea. I would assume it’s no better or worse than running your GPS for driving directions for that length of time, but I don’t know for sure.


  4. Kenneth Kline

    I have a premium membership for golf logix and I also have a Samsung Galaxy s6 . I have the golf login app on my phone but I can’t get the premium membership recognized on my phone. I’ve login numerous times but to no avail. Who the hell can I contact

  5. Kurt Halliwell

    Customer service is a joke. I love the app and it’s features, but just try and get help when you need it
    Good luck

  6. Mike Thompson

    I have been a satisfied customer for a couple years..BUT THEN. A couple of months ago the display starting on the back nine went bad. Front nine is good..only back nine is not readable. I contacted their a couple of moths ago and they said they knew about problem and was working on it. It never was fixed. I contact them a second time but never heard back. Now I cancelled my subscription and purchased a Garmin.

  7. John Ryan

    What are the differences between “Plus with Putt Breaks” and Premium” memberships?

    • Matt Saternus


      It’s been a minute since I’ve done this review, so I’m not sure of the answer. I’m sure GolfLogix could help you with this.


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