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Bushnell Golf Introduces New Pro X3 Laser Rangefinder

OVERLAND PARK, KS – Bushnell Golf, the definitive #1 laser rangefinder brand in golf, has introduced the new Pro X3 Laser Rangefinder featuring industry-first technologies and specifications.

Used and trusted by 99 percent of PGA Tour players, Bushnell Golf continues to evolve advanced technologies and with the Pro X3, introduces an update to its Slope with Elements technology which allows golfers to store their home elevation to reflect the Slope with Elements compensated distances at the elevation where they play their most golf. In addition, a new dual display provides the option to toggle between the bright red or crisp black display settings based on lighting conditions and user preference.

Bushnell Golf will be prominently utilizing its brand ambassadors and LPGA champions Nelly and Jessica Korda via its television, website, digital and social platforms to promote the Pro X3.

“The Pro X3 is replacing the industry’s best laser, the Pro XE, and it will now set a new standard in laser rangefinders,” said William Flood, Bushnell Golf Global Product Manager. “From its sleek, ergonomically sound design to dual display and the best compensated distances available, the Pro X3 offers accuracy and performance other lasers simply do not deliver. This technology ensures Bushnell Golf will remain the absolute best laser rangefinder available in golf.”

The Pro X3 also features a new, patent-pending Locking Slope-Switch where the interacting locking mechanism significantly reduces the risk of accidentally getting your unit into Slope mode during tournament play.

Simply put, the Pro X3 has taken the world’s best-performing rangefinder and taken it to the next level. New added features highlight the Pro X3’s ability to range flags at 600 yards, offers a stunning 7X magnification, and an enhanced ultra-bright backlit display to provide crisp, clear data output in the LCD.

List of Pro X3 Features:

  • Slope with “Elements” Compensated Distances with Adjustable Home Elevation
  • Dual Display
  • Patented Locking Slope-Switch Technology
  • Patented PinSeeker™ with Visual JOLT™
  • Integrated BITE™ Magnetic Cart Mount
  • IPX7 Fully Waterproof
  • Rubber Armored Metal Housing
  • 600-Yard Range to a Flag
  • 7X Magnification
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to Mobile App

The Pro X3 will be available at Bushnell Golf retailers nationwide this Fall.

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PXG Enters the Shaft Market with the Introduction of Its All-New PXG® M16TM Putter Shaft

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – PXG has expanded its product offerings to include all-new stability shaft technology. The PXG M16 Putter Shaft, the company’s entrée into the shaft category, is a game-changing upgrade for golfers looking for more control on putts from any distance, especially those outside of ten feet.

When PXG entered the market, the company made it clear that its focus was on developing leading golf clubhead technology. To complement PXG’s clubheads, PXG engineers performance-tested a range of premium shafts to identify those that would deliver the best results for players of varying skill levels and swing styles. Hence, the introduction of a vast fitting matrix and a commitment to building every golf club to a player’s unique specifications.

However, with so much of the game of golf won or lost on the green, PXG recently turned its research and development attention to the putter shaft category. Leveraging data from the field and rigorous testing, the engineering team determined that increased putter shaft stiffness would help dramatically improve stroke and impact performance.

The all-new, patent pending PXG M16 Putter Shaft features an innovative multi-material composition, including a high modulus carbon fiber upper section and a steel lower section. It features twenty-two steel wires interlaid down the outer ring of the shaft, each strategically positioned to enhance stiffness. The inner-most area is filled with a high modulus, 60T carbon fiber, stiffer than the standard modulus of 24T. Two rubber sheets sit sandwiched between the steel wires and carbon fiber. Unlike typical steel putter shafts, this unique composition helps to deliver more stiffness and stability while maintaining a soft yet solid feel.

As a result, the PXG M16 Putter Shaft boasts an extremely stiff butt frequency, measured at 386 cycles per minute (CPM) – on average, 10% to 20% stiffer than other high-quality aftermarket stability shafts. The PXG M16 Putter Shaft is also 26% stiffer than a traditional steel shaft.

Robot testing with putter analysis software gathered additional data from three locations across the putter face, including mishits and center hits. The tests proved that the multi-material PXG M16 Putter Shaft improved ball speed consistency and reduced side spin compared to conventional steel shafts.

The PXG M16 Putter Shaft is available in straight and double bend as an upgrade option for PXG Battle Ready® and 0211® Putters.

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Garmin Announces Approach R10 integration with Titleist golf balls

OLATHE, KS – Garmin® International, Inc., a unit of Garmin Ltd., today announced a collaboration with Titleist, the No. 1 ball in golf®, to bring enhanced compatibility between the Approach® R10 launch monitor and Titleist’s Pro V1® and Pro V1x® RCT golf balls. By using the Titleist RCT’s radar capture technology, golfers receive a more precise measurement on their Approach R10 portable launch monitor, including up to a 30 times more accurate reading of spin rate and up to a 50-percent increase in carry distance accuracy.

The Titleist RCT golf ball is optimized for indoor spin capture and engineered for radar-based launch monitors such as the Approach R10 to provide the most accurate golf ball data.

The award-winning Approach R10 is a lightweight portable golf launch monitor designed to help golfers improve their game at home, indoors or on the driving range. With more than a dozen key metrics1 shown in real time, including club head speed, ball speed, swing tempo, ball spin, launch angle and more, golfers of all skill levels can fine-tune their game.

Since its initial launch, Garmin has added several new features as well as compatibility with third-party software to the Approach R10, including:

  • Updated Driving Ranges – The Approach R10 has been updated with new preloaded driving ranges to help practice a wider range of shots.
  • Landscape Mode – View shots in a first-person perspective in landscape mode; perfect for users who want to project their simulation onto a screen.
  • Environmental Settings – Golfers can better control the environment with new settings to account for weather conditions that affect the ball flight calculation.
  • Home Tee Hero – With an active Garmin Golf™ app membership, players can utilize the Home Tee Hero golf simulator to master and enjoy 42,000 golf courses worldwide.
  • E6 Connect – Utilize the E6 Connect’s library of content (sold separately) to easily play photorealistic courses at any time.
  • Awesome Golf – Play and compete with friends and family with an Awesome Golf subscription (sold separately).
  • TGC 2019 – Play 150,000+ predesigned courses or create your own challenging course with TGC 2019 golf simulator software (sold separately).
  • PinSeeker App – Compete for cash prizes and enjoy online closest-to-the-pin tournament play with the PinSeeker App.

Garmin customers can purchase the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x RCT golf balls through authorized Titleist golf shops globally, as well as here.

Engineered on the inside for life on the outside, Garmin products have revolutionized life for adventurers, athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. Committed to developing products and services that enhance experiences and provide peace of mind, Garmin believes every day is an opportunity to innovate and a chance to beat yesterday.

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