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Mizuno Unveils Stunning New JPX919 Irons: Packed With Your Potential

New JPX919 Tour, Hot Metal, and Forged Irons: The Next Evolution of the JPX Iron Series

Norcross, Ga. – (August 29, 2018) – Mizuno, the global leader in golf equipment who is renowned for its expertise in irons, has unveiled the next evolution of JPX – the JPX919 Series. Highly engineered, the JPX919 Series of irons are designed to deliver exceptional performance for all types of golf swings.

The new JPX919 family comprises JPX919 Tour, JPX919 Hot Metal and JPX919 Forged, with each model engineered from different base materials to help enhance performance for particular swing types. The JPX919 Tour is forged from 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel; the JPX919 Hot Metal is crafted from high-strength Chromoly 4140M; and the JPX919 Forged is Grain Flow Forged from Boron-infused steel. Despite their design differences, all three JPX919 irons are unmistakably Mizuno in profile and sensation through impact.

JPX919 Tour / 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel

The JPX919 Tour promises tour-caliber performance with precision distance control. It is a more compact, streamlined evolution of Mizuno’s standout JPX900 Tour iron from 2017/18, which helped to re-establish Mizuno as the iron of choice on Tour among both contracted and non-contracted players.  Grain Flow Forged HD (High Density) from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel in Hiroshima Japan, the JPX919 Tour offers the softest, purest Mizuno feel yet.

The JPX919 Tour has that compact, lean look over the ball that elite shotmakers crave, with the top edge narrowed by 10% compared to its predecessor to match the grinds most commonly requested on tour. Despite this, it offers surprising stability for a compact players’ iron, delivering tight distance patterns on off-cener strikes courtesy of a frame that is open at the heel portion to enhance stability and launch, while still producing a tour-preferred vibration and sound at impact.

The JPX919 Tour features a Pearl Brush chrome-plated finish to enhance durability and soften its precise lines in bright sunlight and can be built to a customer’s desired specification as part of a full, split or short set.

JPX919 Hot Metal / Chromoly 4140M

The JPX919 Hot Metal provides a benchmark in iron design, engineered for the perfect blend of ball speed and soft, controllable landing angles. High-strength Chromoly 4140M has paved the way to a new multi-thickness face that promotes astonishing ball speeds, while a seamless one-piece cup face construction ensures surprising levels of feedback even at such unprecedented ball speeds.

It shares the JPX919 Tour’s new stability frame, which is open at the heel portion to enhance stability, launch and a loft-appropriate flight apex for controlled, soft-landing approaches. Re-engineered Sound Ribs have been developed to hit specific vibration patterns that ensure a satisfying sensation through impact, with the JPX919 Hot Metal featuring the same Pearl Brush finish as the JPX919 Tour.

The JPX919 Hot Metal offers a steeper transition into more compact scoring irons and wedges, with set-matching gap, sand and lob wedges available engineered from a softer X30 steel and blessed with precision-milled grooves and faces for improved spin and control around the greens.

JPX919 Forged / Boron-infused steel

A new reverse-milled clubface, CNC-milled from the sole up to create a larger area of minimum face thickness, makes the streamlined JPX919 Forged Mizuno’s fastest ever one piece forged iron in terms of measured ball speed. The resulting weight removed from the face also allows a lower, deeper center of gravity making it easier to flight the long and mid-irons. Mizuno’s trademark workability and elevated Grain Flow Forged HD feedback ensure that the JPX919 Forged is also Mizuno’s most versatile iron.

Like the JPX919 Tour and JPX919 Hot Metal the JPX919 Forged features a durable Pearl Brush finish and a stability frame, open at the heel portion to enhance stability, launch and loft-appropriate flight apex for soft-landing approaches. The Forged model is Grain Flow Forged HD (High Density) from a single billet of 1025B mild carbon steel in Hiroshima Japan for unmistakable Mizuno feel, with just a trace of Boron infused into the billet to make it 30% stronger and allow greater design possibilities in a forged head. The overall package is one of “balanced performance” with the JPX919 Forged offering the ultimate blend of ball speed, stability and feedback within a more refined playing profile.

All JPX919 irons will be available through the Mizuno Performance Fitting System, which features Swing DNA software and offers one of the widest selections of no upcharge shafts and grips in the industry.

Visit Mizuno Golf here:

Srixon Announces the New Q-STAR TOUR: Tour Performance for Moderate Swing Speeds

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – SRIXON®, a global leader in golf ball technology and innovation, announces the launch of the second generation Q-STAR TOUR golf ball. The Srixon Q-STAR TOUR is available in Pure White™ and Tour Yellow™ and officially launches in North America on September 1, 2018.

Designed specifically for skilled players with moderate swing speeds who demand the performance and feel of a tour golf ball, the second generation Q-STAR TOUR offers all-around performance. Q-STAR TOUR features a tour urethane cover, three-piece construction, and lower-compression core to provide maximum distance, feel, and tour-level greenside control. The new Q-STAR TOUR is tour on the outside, soft on the inside.

Key Technologies:

  • Enhanced with Third Generation Spin Skin Coating, the soft, elastic coating creates more greenside spin and better approach spin from any lie, especially from the rough.
  • A soft, thin Tour Urethane Cover provides tour-caliber greenside spin for total control.
  • The advanced core construction of the Energetic Gradient Growth Core promotes seamless energy transfer to maximize distance and optimize ball performance on every shot.
  • The aerodynamic 338 Speed Dimple Pattern reduces drag and increases lift for maximum distance and a more stable, penetrating ball flight in any wind conditions.

“In addition to having a cover that’s as soft as golf balls priced near $50 per dozen, this new Q-STAR TOUR features our low-drag, tour dimple pattern for more distance and a next-generation spin skin coating for more greenside spin,” Brunski said. “It is an extraordinary amount of performance packed into a ball that’s engineered to perform best for golfers who don’t swing at tour player speeds.”

 Independent Test Results:

Srixon worked with Golf Laboratories to conduct independent, outdoor robot testing of the new Q-STAR TOUR golf ball against key competitors. The results show how Q-STAR TOUR provides optimal tee-to-green performance at an incredible value:

  • The Energetic Gradient Growth Core helps reduce backspin while working together with the 338 Speed Dimple pattern to generate longer driver distance compared to higher-compression tour balls. The Q-STAR TOUR also creates lower sidespin, resulting in more accurate drives than higher-priced options.
  • The Q-STAR TOUR, compared to the tour balls tested against it, produced better distance control and a tighter overall dispersion area for precise iron play.
  • Srixon’s Q-STAR TOUR deliver the same tour-level control as substantially more expensive golf balls due to Srixon’s proprietary Spin Skin technology.

Visit Srixon Golf here: U-try Program Now Features Iron Sets from Leading Equipment Manufacturers

RALEIGH, N.C. – Global Value Commerce – owner and operator of the world’s largest e-commerce platform for new and pre-owned golf gear – has added a variety of new options to its popular U-try club trial program available through, including full iron-sets from PING, Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Cobra and Cleveland.

Since launching in early March, golfers across America have turned to U-try in droves to experience a risk-free way to test the latest equipment from the most respected brands in golf. With the addition of full iron sets, U-try further strengthens’s reputation as the one-stop shop for players of all skill levels to find the best equipment for their unique games.

Consumers simply select the iron set they would like to test on and the company ships them for a $100 trial fee per set. Within 14 days, customers either keep the clubs and pay the current list price – less the trial fee – or return them with a prepaid shipping label. Drivers, fairway woods and hybrids from the aforementioned brands each carry a trial fee of $25 per club in the U-try program.

“The initial response to the U-try program has been incredible and we’re excited to add more options to the mix,” says Ed Byman, CEO of GVC. “This risk-free opportunity was designed so that golfers can try the latest gear from the comfort of their home course and not feel time restraints normally associated with the demo process.”

U-try promotes men’s and women’s clubs with various shaft flex and clubhead loft options. A deep inventory of new and legacy drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons from top equipment manufacturers are warehoused by GVC for immediate delivery.

Taking a page from major online and brick-and-mortar retailers with try-and-buy programs in apparel, jewelry, art, home décor and other categories, GVC has again innovated in golf.  It was the first to introduce an exclusive online marketplace for pre-owned golf clubs in 2001, adding new gear to its menu soon thereafter.

Visit Global Golf here:

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