Golf News – September 29, 2021

Adams Golf Introduces All-New Tight Lies™ Fairways And Hybrids

CARLSBAD, CA – Adams Golf announces the reimagination of Tight Lies fairways and hybrids with a modern take on an Adams™ classic.

Adams Golf debuted the original Tight Lies in 1995 featuring a revolutionary clubhead shape with a trapezoidal sole. Labeled Tri-Sole, this design made the club highly versatile and playable from virtually anywhere on the golf course, making it a sought-after replacement for hard-to-hit long irons and a predecessor to modern hybrids. Over the years, Tight Lies took on a few new looks but always remained true to its origin. Fairway woods and hybrids that were easy to hit, easy to play and that made the game easy to enjoy.

Today, Adams builds upon that history with Tight Lies fairways and hybrids featuring not only the classic Tri-Sole, but also revamped technology that makes it easy to hit high, consistent and long shots from any lie.

How do you make one of the most forgiving clubs we’ve ever made even more forgiving? Make the face bigger. Extended Face is a revolutionary new face design that extends the top off the face to make it easier to hit off a tee, while retaining the low-profile head design for great performance from the fairway.

Located on the sole of the club directly behind the face, this open slot is designed to increase face flexibility, ball speeds and improve launch on off-center strikes.

The Tight Lies clubhead appears larger from address to inspire confidence without sacrificing a low-profile design with a shallow face. Ultimately, Tight Lies has a lower center of gravity for higher launch conditions.

To provide ultimate flexibility and creativity in the golf bag, Adams also unveils various fairway and hybrid bundle packages.


Tight lies fairway package – $329.98 (Usd)
• Set composition: 3-wood and 5-wood

Tight lies hybrid package – $289.98 (Usd)
• Set composition: 3-hybrid and 4-hybrid

Tight lies easy launch combo #1 – $299.98
• Set composition: any fairway wood and any hybrid

Tight easy launch combo #2 – $579.96
• Set composition: 3-wood, 5-wood, 3 hybrid, 4 hybrid

Tight lies easy launch combo #3 – $579.96
• Set composition: 3-wood, 5-wood, 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid

Tight lies easy launch combo #4 – $569.96
• Set composition: 5-wood, 4 hybrid, 5 hybrid, 6 hybrid

Tight lies women’s combo – $579.96
• Set composition: 3-wood, 5-wood, 5 hybrid, 6 hybrid

Individual Tight Lies fairways are priced at an MSRP of $179.99 (USD) and available now at Tight Lies hybrids are priced at an MSRP of $149.99. Both individual hybrids and Tight Lies bundles will be available on October 1.

Visit Adams Golf HERE

TRUE linkswear, Foray Golf Announce the Release of Queen of Clubs Limited Edition Knit II

TACOMA, WA – TRUE linkswear (TRUE), creators of golf’s most naturally comfortable shoes, has teamed with Foray Golf (Foray) to craft the Queen of Clubs (QOC) Limited Edition Knit II, a women’s exclusive featuring original artwork, finishing details selected by Foray, and an extravagant QOC matching carry bag exclusive to the style.

Created on TRUE’s best-selling True Knit II platform, the QOC Limited Edition Knit II features a pure white, one-piece breathable upper that rests atop a speckled midsole with the QOC housed under a translucent outsole. TRUE’s new open cell footbed allows for increased breathability and comfort on warm days, and its new Wanderlux Midsole offers maximum comfort and rebound. The QOC Limited Edition Knit II is extremely lightweight with a transitional drop of four millimeters and flexible opening for slide in comfort.

The intersection of TRUE and Foray centers on the unbridled love of golf and an unwavering commitment to both comfort and style. Freedom of expression is at the core of both brands, whose headquarters sit more than 2,800 miles apart – TRUE in Tacoma and Foray in New York City. Fittingly, the shoe’s inspiration was born midway between the two in Minneapolis. The “Queen of Clubs” was designed by Mike Davis, creative director and co-owner of Burlesque of North America, an award-winning graphic art and screen-printing shop.

The QOC Limited Edition Knit II is available while supplies last in women’s sizes 6-12 for $175 with free shipping for domestic orders. Each pair comes in a Foray-designed leatherette carry bag with a magnetic clasp handle and Queen of Clubs detailing that houses the shoes and is also a convenient and stylish accessory off the golf course.

Visit TRUE linkswear HERE

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