Golf News – September 21, 2018

Field Set for 2018 Senior LPGA Championship presented by Old National Bank 

Five World Golf Hall of Fame Members Highlight 81-Player Field

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – The field for the second-annual Senior LPGA Championship presented by Old National Bank has been finalized. Major champions and Hall of Famers highlight the field of current and past LPGA stars who will compete from October 15-17, 2018 at the Pete Dye Course at French Lick Resort in Indiana.

The senior major championship will be held over 54 holes for a total purse of $600,000, where Trish Johnson (England) will be defending her 2017 title. The event will be televised live on Golf Channel from 4-6 p.m. ET during the three competition days.

Of the 81 players competing for the 2018 Senior LPGA Championship title, five have received one of golf’s highest honors – induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame: Dame Laura Davies, Betsy KingJuli Inkster, Hollis Stacy, and JoAnne Carner.

Including Davies, King, Inkster, Stacy and Carner there are 19 LPGA major champions slated to compete in the 2018 Senior LPGA Championship: Inkster (7), King (6), Davies (4), Stacy (4), Jan Stephenson (3), Brandie Burton (2), Carner (2), Jane Geddes (2), Donna Andrews (1), Helen Alfredsson (1), Jerilyn Britz (1), Pat Hurst (1), Christa Johnson (1), Cathy Johnston-Forbes (1) Jenny Lidback (1), Martha Nause (1), Liselotte Neumann (1), Nancy Scranton (1) and Catriona Matthew (1).

Of the 19 major winners, nine were U.S. Women’s Open champions. Stacy won the U.S. Women’s Open three times (1977, 1978, 1984) while King won the U.S. Women’s Open back-to-back years in 1989 and 1990.

Major champions Matthew and Geddes will also be making their debut at the senior major championship in 2018. In addition, the field includes Legends Tour champions Trish Johnson, Laurie Rinker and Lorie Kane, who all have won a tournament on the Pete Dye Course at French Lick Resort.

Suzy Green-Roebuck and Kathryn Young-Robyn each received sponsor’s invites from French Lick Resort to compete in the senior major championship. There will be a qualifier held at The Pete Dye Course on Thursday, October 11, with the top two finishers gaining entry to the Senior LPGA Championship and rounding out the 2018 field.

French Lick Resort is also host to the Donald Ross Classic at French Lick Resort, a Symetra Tour tournament held on The Donald Ross Course. Stephanie Kono won the 2018 title in July.

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‘ProCheck’ Ball Compression Tester Available Through Revolution Golf

NEW YORK, NY –  ProCheck®, a new device designed for golfers who want to maximize distance by matching the correct ball compression to their swing speed, will be available to all golfers through Revolution Golf beginning Tuesday, September 25.

ProCheck® checks ball compression instantly and recommends the correct pressure for each golfer’s swing speed. Matching the right compression with a golfer’s swing speed can increase distance by as much as 10-20 Yards. In a study of 250 players conducted by the Brand institute Inc. on behalf of ProCheck®, 90% of respondents indicated there is a need for a product to check ball compression.

“A golf ball’s compression has a significant impact upon how far it will travel, with the golfer’s ultimate goal being to match ball compression with swing speed to achieve maximum distance,” said John Donahue, President of Golftek LLC, the company that manufactures ProCheck®. “We are excited to make ProCheck® available to golfers of all skill levels through Revolution Golf, the premier on-line source for everything golf.”

The correct compression causes the ball to have the optimum degree of flattening at impact to create a trampoline-like energy transfer and greater distance.  When testing a ball, the accurate compression will quickly be displayed on the ProCheck® LED screen. Golfers with slower swing speeds (under 80mph) should use lower compression balls, while golfers with faster swing speeds (over 100mph) should use higher compression balls to achieve maximum distance. While new balls may have some compression variability, older balls or balls that have been exposed to extreme heat (e.g. stored in the trunk of a car) or cold weather conditions (e.g. stored in a cold garage) experience significant changes in compression.

The ProCheck® device, which was issued a United States patent in May 2017, rivals the top golf ball manufacturers’ highly sophisticated compression testing equipment. In laboratory tests, the ProCheck® produced the same compression measurements as a device costing tens of thousands of dollars that is commonly used in the industry.

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