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New PXG 0317 T Irons Round Out PXG’s Iron Offerings Geared to the Specific Needs of Elite Players

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – New PXG 0317 TIrons bring PXG’s proprietary hollow-body, injection-molded technology to the ranks of the elite player. Featuring a new stabilizing S CORpolymer core, the new 0317 T Irons combine a tour blade’s playability and high spin performance with technology engineered to improve forgiveness, distance control, and overall consistency.

PXG 0317 T Irons are three times forged from 8620 soft carbon steel. The forging process creates a tight crystalline grain structure that delivers a pure resonance and extremely solid feel at impact. Then, the external body of the irons is CNC milled to ensure every surface, curve, and angle is produced to exact specifications. Finally, the irons undergo a precise robotic polishing process to ensure consistent geometries and a flawless finish on every club, nobody does all of this but us.  Hit them once and you’ll know why we do it.

Over the years, PXG has worked extensively on the external geometry of golf clubs and researched the polymer materials used in the company’s proprietary injection molding process. Through that research, PXG has learned that the polymer materials used in the core can have a significant effect on performance. The polymer’s material properties influence how the outer clubface flexes and responds during impact, which in turn affects the initial launch conditions of the golf ball, including launch angle and spin rate making for an incredibly accurate club.

This understanding of material properties is one of the reasons why the T Iron was decoupled from PXG’s flagship series and added to the elite player category. With the effects of these technologies, PXG has tailored a better club for the needs of better players with the introduction of S COR polymer core. S COR is a stability core material that helps reduce the amount of face movement, or flex, that occurs during impact. This notably increases the spin rate and lowers the initial launch angle, which is the desired performance for elite players because it increases their ability to control the trajectory of the ball flight, making it easier to hit their desired trajectory windows. The increased spin performance also enhances the player’s ability to work the ball left or right, hitting controlled draws and fades like never before.

A new internal tungsten weight (15 grams) is located in the toe area. As tungsten is more than twice the density of steel, the weight enables PXG to precisely locate mass to enhance the moment-of-inertia (MOI) of the clubhead. The amount and the location of the weight also optimize the center-of-gravity (CG), so it stays in line with the center of the grooves. This ensures that when golfers hit it in the middle of the face, they hit it right on the sweet spot.

Precision milled grooves, manufactured to the tightest tolerance possible and the USGA limits, are optimized to get the maximum amount of performance out of both fairway and rough in wet or dry conditions.

PXG 0317 T Irons also incorporate PXG’s Precision Weighting Technology to fine-tune performance further. The large tungsten weight on the back of the clubhead is used to optimize the swing weight/head weight target. This adjustable weight is located on the CG so that changes in the head mass can be easily achieved without shifting the CG and effecting club performance. Optimization can be experienced during an in-person golf club fitting and is dialed in as part of the custom build process.

Named after the 0317 U.S. Marine Corps Scout Sniper occupational code, these irons support advanced shot shaping to any target.

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Tour Edge Announces New Template Series Putter Series

BATAVIA, IL – Tour Edge announces their all-new Template Series Putter line featuring four new designs and three modified shapes from the original Template Series.

With a combination of blades, semi-mallets, and mallets, every Template shape was designed with optimized Center of Gravity and Moment of Inertia properties, while suiting every player preference and need. Seven total head shapes will be available in both Black PUD and Silver PUD finishes: Alps, Biarritz, Eden, Maiden, Narrows, Punchbowl and Valley.

The Template Series putters will be available at a Tour Edge authorized retailer for an MSRP of $129.99 and will be available at retail starting November 1st.

The putter series’ name is derived from a Template golf hole in golf course architecture.

Template holes were first utilized by Chicago native C.B. Macdonald, who instituted around 20 different template holes from well-known courses like St. Andrews, Prestwick, and North Berwick. He designed Chicago Golf Club, the first 18-hole golf course in North America, located just a few miles up the road from the Tour Edge world headquarters.

Every Template putter in the series is individually CNC milled with Micro-Groove face technology. Micro-Groove leads to an extremely soft feel upon contact and reduces skidding off the face. The Micro-Grooves in the new Template Series are 20% deeper and wider than the previous Template Series, lending to greater immediate topspin and a more accurate roll. The putters are made from a 304 Stainless Steel, the softest stainless steel available in putter design, measuring half as soft as 17-4 Stainless Steel while still providing exceptional feedback at impact. The 304 SS on the Silver PVD finish is bead blasted to eliminate glare, while the new offerings of Black PVD to the Template Series offers a sleek matte look and feel.

A white on black Contrast Technology Alignment aid is featured on each putter design. Contrast optics increase the contrast between the putter and green, helping golfers focus on the leading edge for more accurate aiming. All eight putter designs feature a 71-degree lie angle and a 3-degree loft and come standard with a Lamkin Deep Etched Pistol grip, a long time Tour favorite now featuring a softer-feeling Genesis Material. The grips prominent horizontal etched pattern, traditional paddle, and smaller profile provide maximum responsiveness, while its Deep-Etch design is ideal for golfers with an arc, or arc-to-straight putting style when utilizing a traditional, reverse overlap, or cross-handed grip style.

The new models come in standard lengths of 34” and 35” inches. Two models are being made available in both right- and left-handed models available in both the Silver PVD and Black PVD – the Eden and the Narrows models.

Below is description of each new putter head and hosel and a list of the original template holes selected to represent the Template Putter Series: 

Alps: Longer wings on the Alps makes it a conventional mallet putter with a higher MOI, while the double bend hosel provides greater accuracy for a pendulum straight back and through stroke. Face balanced stability with less twisting in the face is the calling card of this design.

Biarritz: The high MOI mallet design of the Biarritz provides extreme forgiveness, while the double bend face-balanced hosel is designed for a pendulum straight back, straight through putting stroke due to the face of the putter rotating less during the putting stroke.

Eden: The lone blade putter in the series, the Eden features a classic design with a plumber’s neck suits players with an arc-straight stroke.

Maiden: The mid-mallet design features a forgiving plumber’s neck hosel that helps players square up the putter face. It matches extremely well with an arc-straight style stroke and is suited for a player who tends to leave their putter face open at impact.

Narrows: A winged mid-mallet design that features a slant neck with a mid-toe hang that is ideal for a putting stroke with a slight arc, where the closing angle on the forward stroke is moderate and compensates against hitting pulls as your hands will naturally be set up in front of the ball.

Narrows CS: The winged mid-mallet design is coupled with a center shaft in the Narrows CS model that creates an alignment-oriented face-balanced putter suited for players who keeps their eyes directly above the ball and takes the club straight back and swings straight through the ball.

Punchbowl: A rounded full mallet with a forgiveness and accuracy enhancing high MOI and plumber’s neck hosel, an ideal choice for arc-straight style strokes that tend to push putts to the right for a right-handed golfer.

Valley: The mid-mallet design features a forgiving plumber’s neck hosel that helps players square up the putter face. It matches extremely well with an arc-straight style stroke and is suited for a player who tends to leave their putter face open at impact.

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TaylorMade Golf Unveils New Spider Tour Series with Five Unique Models Including the Iconic Spider Tour and Spider Tour X Putters

CARLSBAD, CA – With unmatched stability and an unmistakable shape, for nearly two decades Spider putters have been claiming major championships and stacking victories across professional tours globally.

Today, TaylorMade revitalizes the essence of this iconic franchise with the release of the Spider Tour Series – a family of high MOI putters with five unique models featuring renowned technologies such as True Path™ Alignment, Pure Roll™ and TSS weighting.

Within a design that will always be synonymous with stability, each Spider Tour Series putter is crafted using multi-material construction to push weight low and back in the head for high levels of inertia. Engineers created superstructures that maintain the shape of a classic Spider Tour, then utilized thin wall undercuts to remove excess weight.

A steel wireframe construction allows engineers to better control weight distribution and CG location. The suite of putters includes various CG positions to fit a wide variety of putting styles, while also arming custom fitters with an array of options.

Underneath the hood is a new HYBRAR Echo® Damper that is also seen in TaylorMade distance irons such as Stealth™ and Stealth HD. It is placed directly behind the face to dampen unwanted vibrations, delivering premium sound and feel on every putt.

With the Spider Tour Series, TaylorMade is utilizing the same Pure Roll insert that rose to prominence with the original Spider X putter. Molded from a Surlyn material, it delivers a soft yet responsive feel with grooves that are angled 45° downward to help impart better topspin and an end-over-end roll.

The Gunmetal PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) finish not only enhances the aesthetics of the putters but also provides enhanced durability and a sense of luxury that elevates the overall quality of the family. The PVD coating creates a robust barrier that helps protect the surface from the rigors of regular use and exposure to various environmental elements.

In this new series we have different weight options with different center of gravity placements to help different golfers putt better.

Spider Tour
Spider Tour is one of the most recognizable shapes in the putting world, accounting for dozens of victories on professional tours across the globe. TaylorMade is breathing new life into the company’s most popular creations with enhanced materials, a new color and refined weight distribution.
The Spider Tour model has a CG location of 35mm from the face, 5,700 MOI and 29° of toe hang on a small slant hosel. Spider Tour has over 700 MOI more than the previous model.
Amidst the recent trend of counterbalance putters on Tour, Spider Tour also comes in a 38-inch counterbalance model with a 17-inch SuperStroke 3.0 grip.

Spider Tour X
Made popular as the putter of choice for Rory McIlroy, the Spider X shape has been one of the most sought-after in the franchise. It was originally designed to convert players who loved blade putters into mallets, using a compact shape and modern look to deliver a more blade-like feel with the added benefits of alignment and forgiveness that are incumbent to Spider putters.
TSS weights in Spider Tour X are placed farther forward, generating more face rotation and a CG placement that is 33mm from the face compared to 35mm of Spider Tour. This model has MOI of 5,000 and 30° of toe hang on the small slant hosel.

Spider Tour Z
Spider Tour Z is one of two new shapes in this lineup, paying homage to the Spider Tour with a wing shaped back. The perimeter of this putter sits low in the ground to provide a comfortable feeling at address and help frame the golf ball for easy alignment. TSS weights on this model are placed very far forward to encourage more face rotation and a blade-like feel.

It has a CG location of 29mm from the face, 5,050 MOI and 29° of toe hang with a small slant hosel.

Spider Tour V
Spider Tour V eliminates the wing structure and creates a more modern streamlined look. It is the smallest putter in shape and size in the lineup, providing the most rotation of the bunch.
Spider Tour V has a CG location of 27mm from the face, MOI of 4,900 and 32° of toe hang with a small slant hosel.

Spider Tour S
The Spider Tour S is a larger version of the original Spider. The putter head is 3mm longer and 8mm wider in comparison. Spider Tour S is constructed at a heavier head weight and only offered at 35” and 38” lengths, with both featuring counterbalance grips for maximum stability.
Spider Tour S has a CG location of 38mm from the face, 6,063 MOI and is face balanced. It will be available in Spring of 2024.

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MySpider Tour & MySpider Tour X

TaylorMade will also offer a customization and personalization program for the Spider Tour and Spider Tour X models. MySpider Tour and MySpider Tour X gives golfers the option to customize the finish on their putter with four finish options:

  • Hydro Blast
  • Black
  • Gunmental
  • Rose Gold

Golfers can choose the feel of their face insert within the MySpider program for the first time. For a customized playing experience that suits the golfer’s style, MySpider allows golfers to select the color that represents their game and pair it with their desired feel – whether that’s a soft feeling or a firm roll.

The TPU Surlyn insert promotes a classic softer feel at impact with a more muted sound and TaylorMade’s Pure Roll™ insert features grooves at a downward 45° angle designed to optimize roll characteristics. Color options for the TPU Surlyn inserts are: black, grey or white.

Pure Roll technology is also available in TaylorMade’s aluminum insert available in 10 colorways delivering a slightly firmer feel at impact.

Additional personalization offerings include: sightline, sightline color, true path, face insert, sole plate, back badge, weight color and two headcover options.

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