Golf News – November 13, 2023

Edison Golf Expands its Standard Selection of KBS Premium Shafts

ROCKPORT, TX – Edison Golf, a company dedicated to revolutionizing wedge performance for recreational golfers, announces that it has doubled its standard offering (no upcharge) of KBS premium shafts for its line of EDISON 2.0 wedges.

The standard offering of KBS steel shafts has increased from the current KBS Tour 110R, 120S and 130X, to include the KBS Hi-Rev wedge shaft in both R and S flexes, and the KBS Tour V in S flex. On the graphite side, the KBS PGI series of standard shafts has been expanded from the PGI 70, PGI 80, and PGI 90 to include the PGI 50, PGI 60, and PGI 100.

In addition to the KBS shafts, Edison Golf will build custom EDISON 2.0 wedges on any available shaft in the marketplace at the golfer’s request, with reasonable upcharges.

The EDISON 2.0 wedges represent a quantum leap in wedge design, as they are the only wedges on the market specifically designed around a multi-year study of the way recreational golfers hit their wedges, as opposed to being designed for the extraordinary skills of elite tour players. They have the most efficient distribution of clubhead mass in the category to deliver improved distance consistency, more forgiveness and enhanced spin.

Introduced in 2020, the original Edison Forged wedges significantly improved wedge performance by dramatically changing the way mass was distributed across the back of the clubhead. In the EDISON 2.0 line of wedges, an additional 14-17 grams have been positioned even higher in the clubhead, achieved by creation of a multi-level back design that optimizes smash factor across the face. This repositioning also creates a fresh and distinctive visual appeal to the product.

In addition to enhanced weighting technologies, the EDISON 2.0 wedges feature an improved version of the renowned and proven “Koehler Sole”. Patented by Koehler over 30 years ago, this unique sole design combines both a high and low bounce into each wedge and has been proven by thousands of golfers to deliver an unmatched level of sole versatility to handle different lies and different swing paths.

All EDISON 2.0 wedges are backed by the Company’s 100% Risk Free Trial. The Edison craftsmen will build you any EDISON 2.0 wedge and let you put it to the test on your course, hitting the variety of shots you face every round. If for any reason it’s not the best wedge you’ve ever played, Edison Golf will buy it back.

Edison’s website also features the unique WedgeFit® Scoring Range Analysis, a 20-question exercise which gives golfers a unique look at their scoring range performance and suggests the lofts, shafts, grips, and specifications that will fit their game best.

EDISON 2.0 wedges are engineered in odd-number lofts from 45 to 59 degrees and are custom built for each golfer from a wide selection of premium KBS® shafts and Lamkin® grips. Requests for even number lofts are met by tweaking the lower number clubhead. Standard pricing is $199.95 for steel shaft wedges and $214.95 for graphite shafts. Shipping is always free, and discounts are applied on orders for full sets of three or more.

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PXG Announces New Line of Officially Licensed Military Hats & PXG Xtreme Golf Balls

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – PXG® is proud to introduce a new line of officially licensed military hats and PXG Xtreme® Golf Balls. Featuring United States Marine Corps®, Army®, Navy®, and Air Force® designs, the special edition collections make it easy for heroes and customers alike to share their pride in their country on the golf course this Veterans Day and beyond.

Each new PXG military-branded hat is made in the USA from American-sourced fabric. The hats feature an unstructured style and debut the selected military logo front and center.

Special edition military emblem PXG Xtreme Golf Balls feature an explosive three-piece construction and a seamless 338 dimple pattern. The high COR polybutadiene core is designed for high-speed performance. A firm ionomer mantle layer further increases speed for maximum distance off the tee.

The soft urethane outer cover maximizes spin for green-grabbing control. The dimple pattern is engineered to deliver aerodynamic characteristics that maximize distance with the driver while producing a high trajectory with optimal spin with irons and wedges. As a result, the three-piece golf ball delivers quality, consistency, performance, and American pride with every shot, from every lie, for every golfer.

As a veteran-owned company with an American spirit, PXG’s connection to the military community can be seen across the organization, from MOS-inspired club naming convention and military iconography to service-minded philanthropy. The company also hosts a special program, PXG for Heroes®, that connects the men and women of the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, law enforcement, and first responders with PXG for special access to the world’s finest golf equipment, apparel, and accessories.

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