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TaylorMade Golf Announces the All-New Tour Inspired P·UDI and P·DHY Featuring Piercing Performance and Maximum Versatility

CARLSBAD, CA – TaylorMade Golf, an industry leader in performance and innovation, announces the latest additions to the P·Series family with the all-new P·UDI and P·DHY. From piercing performance to maximum versatility, the P·UDI and P·DHY offer golfers of all skill levels the ability to choose their flight and optimize the top end of their bag.

P·Series Has a New Level of Versatility

When researching TaylorMade’s next iteration of utility irons, the engineering and product creation teams wanted to understand what skill level golfer would play utility irons. Research showed that UDI usage skews towards the better player, but a lot of mid handicap players still play utility irons. The majority of DHY™ players ranged from six handicaps to 18 handicaps.

The next question they wanted to answer was, what irons are these players using at the top of their bags? The predominant answer was that the overwhelming majority of players played a current P·Series product.

Tour Inspired Shaping

P·UDI and P·DHY feature a contemporary design with a pearl satin finish and mirror black ridge across the middle. Shaping for each iron has been designed to fit seamlessly with other P·Series irons and fit the eye of the more discerning player. The P·UDI shaping takes direct inspiration from working with Tour players to create a traditional iron shape that inspires confidence and is easy to play.

The P·UDI has a moderate sole width, but narrower than the more forgiving P·DHY. P·UDI does, however, possess a more compact head size compared to P·790™ serving as an alternative option for their long irons compared to other P·Series products.

From a face shaping perspective, P·UDI has a traditional iron shape with a raised face height, slimmer toplines and less offset than previous TaylorMade UDI products with a hint of the backbar from address to inspire confidence. The blade length of P·UDI is noticeably shorter than the P·DHY by roughly five millimeters. Despite P·UDI being more compact, it is still extremely forgiving.

P·DHY is a story of Center of Gravity (CG) through shaping with a slightly taller toe height, with more backbar visible from address and a lower face profile that helps drive CG low in the clubhead for easier launch. The wider sole aids in additional forgiveness through the turf while providing versatility.

Key P·Series Technologies

Designed to deliver easy launch, increased forgiveness and enhanced consistency, a new internal weighting structure combines with proven technologies such as the forged hollow body construction with a high-speed 4140 face, SpeedFoam Air™, Thru Slot Speed Pocket™ and up to 26g of tungsten mass.

P·UDI and P·DHY feature advanced thick-thin back wall construction, sound stabilization bar, and deliberately distributed mass to maximize forgiveness. Each iron is individually optimized with every gram strategically placed to achieve specific performance goals with premium forged feel.

Performance Differences Between P·UDI and P·DHY

Identifying the difference between P·UDI and P·DHY starts with the CG position in each iron. P·UDI has mid CG right behind center face to create a more penetrating mid-to-low ball flight, while P·DHY has a lower center of gravity to produce an easier to launch mid-to-high ball flight. Compared to a hybrid or high lofted fairway, the trajectory of P·UDI and P·DHY are still on the lower end.

From extensive testing, TaylorMade engineers wanted to design utility irons that have a lower trajectory but can generate enough spin to still be able to shape the ball and hold greens when hitting into short par fives or long par threes.

Testing shows P·UDI is more forgiving than P·790 and P·DHY is the most forgiving iron in the entire TaylorMade iron family. This makes P·DHY a perfect option for a player looking for a long iron replacement or one that struggles hitting higher lofted fairway woods.

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MGI Golf, America’s No. 1 Electric Golf Caddy, Debuts Latest Innovations in Zip Navigator Series

Las Vegas, NV – MGI Golf, global leader in technology for the walking golfer and maker of America’s No. 1 electric golf caddy, proudly introduces its latest advancements – the MGI Zip Navigator and Zip Navigator AT. These eye-catching updates to MGI’s best-selling Zip Navigator series feature a matte black frame complemented by a striking black gloss top box, chassis cover and battery while improving upon its market-leading reliability, durability and functionality.

The world-class MGI Zip Navigator series is engineered to be the lightest, most powerful and versatile option on the market, and the latest models are even smaller and lighter for convenient travel and storage while maintaining its unparalleled performance. With a 28.6-pound frame weight, the MGI Zip Navigator is designed to move like the modern golfer, and the slightly heavier MGI Zip Navigator AT is built to withstand the game’s toughest terrain.

“It’s with great pride that we unveil the latest additions to our renowned MGI Zip Navigator series, one of our most popular collections that has allowed us to continue to lead the electric caddy industry around the world,” said Miranda Turner, CEO of MGI Golf Inc. “We’re especially excited to bring our latest designs to America where the number of walking rounds is on the rise, and where our electric caddies are ideally suited to conquer the diverse landscape throughout the States.”

MGI’s patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology, which keeps the caddy on track across any course, combined with full directional remote control, downhill speed regulation, 20 adjustable speed settings and all-terrain treaded rear wheels allow the user to walk free and play hard. Twin 230-watt calibrated motors powered by the largest capacity lithium 24V rechargeable battery with a 36-hole cycle packed into a lightweight Zip Fold frame means it can be quickly and efficiently stowed after a full day of play.

In 2023, the MGI Zip Navigator was recognized by Sports Illustrated as the Best Remote Controlled Caddy of the year, and with enhancements to the current model, it’s expected to raise the bar yet again. Features include an adjustable ergonomic T-bar handle, GPS holder, USB charging port, fully foldable rear wheel for added stability and independent swiveling front wheels on the Zip Navigator AT. Each electric caddy is compatible with several accessories including the MGI Travel Bag, Umbrella Holder Extender, Rain Cover, Seats, Cooler Bag as well as holders for scorecards, bottles, phones and more.

With a formidable reputation built on innovation and quality of design, MGI’s decades of experience and best-in-class manufacturing is backed by a generous three-year warranty, making it the best-selling electric caddy in the United States based on a 2023 research study by Longitudes Group.

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