Golf News – May 18, 2016

OdyHighway101-1Odyssey Highway 101 Putters

California has long been a hot bed for creativity in design. Down the southern coast is Carlsbad, home of Odyssey Golf and the Mecca for golf club designers. To pay homage to our hometown, we’ve developed a line of putters dedicated to one of the most recognizable landmarks ever in California, U.S. Highway 101.

The aesthetic design is a tribute to the 101, and the technology pays off Odyssey’s heritage of continuous innovation. The key highlight is our latest insert technology that we call the Sound Chamber. Behind the 17-4 stainless steel insert with our patented Metal-X pattern is a uniquely engineered chamber, specifically designed to allow resonation that provides a crisp sound and feel at impact.

The Highway 101 Putters are priced at $399, and you can learn more at

Apex-BlackTaking Perfection Farther In An All Black Finish

The new Apex Black Irons are precision engineered with our industry-leading, category-defining 360 Face Cup technology to give you exceptional, consistent ball speed across the face and playability in a forged players iron. And we’ve added a sleek all black look with a Satin Black PVD finish and premium shaft options, with a vast no upcharge list to customize your set.

The progressive design creates scoring performance from your long irons to your short irons. Our high tech, multi-piece construction provides a combination of distance, feel and control that can suit any player. And the extremely soft feel comes from quadruple net forging and mild carbon steel. When you combine all of these advanced technologies with the all black finish, you have a forged iron for all golfers with an unforgettable look.

Apex Black Irons start at $1,299, and for more information on the new set please

2155405Skin Sunscreen™ Observes Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Goodyear, AZ, May 17, 2016… SKIN Sunscreen™, providers of a premium sunscreen product specifically designed for the golf athlete and their families, dedicates Skin Cancer Awareness Month to increasing golfers’ awareness of skin cancer and highlighting the importance of prevention and early detection.

“We invite all golfers to join us in taking action to prevent skin cancer and reduce the risk of UV damage, not only during Skin Cancer Awareness Month, but year-round,” said Jessica Folino, General Manager/Partner, SKIN Sunscreen. “Skin Cancer is the #1 most diagnosed cancer in the U.S. and it doesn’t have to be. We encourage golfers to Protect Yours™ with SKIN Sunscreen and get regular skin check-ups.”

SKIN Sunscreen has been carefully developed as a premium preventative lotion formulation that is oxybenzone-free, non-greasy, sweat resistant and water resistant for up to 80 minutes. Uniting the company’s resources in a quest to spare others the pain and loss associated with the insidious health threat of skin cancer, SKIN Sunscreen is proudly promoted as the optimal wellness preventative in a healthy daily hygiene routine.

“As a stage 4 melanoma skin cancer survivor, sun safety is a high priority in my daily routine,” commented Randy Jones, PGA Professional. “SKIN Sunscreen products provide me with the greatest protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and contain the ingredients I’m looking for in a sunscreen. Let’s understand the dangers of sun exposure – PROTECT YOURS!”

As SKIN Sunscreen demonstrated the need for awareness for sunscreen to young golfers and their families, it became apparent that this proactive measure – applying sunscreen – is every bit as important to the outdoor athlete as is the warm-up on the range or stretching before a round of golf. In fact, sunscreen is essential to lifelong enjoyment of any outdoor sport – but especially important for the golfer, given the number of hours played under the sun.

“Being diagnosed with skin cancer made me completely rethink how I protect myself from the sun and its harmful rays. I hadn’t been doing a good job.,” said Charlie Rymer, PGA Professional and Golf Personality. “SKIN Sunscreen makes it so easy not only to apply, but critically REAPPLY. It’s not greasy like the other products I’ve tried. I’ve noticed after a full day in the sun properly protected, I just feel better. Thanks SKIN Sunscreen!”

“Our crusade has been to educate and protect avid golfers, an industry that we know well and where we have an unusual opportunity to demonstrate the quality of our products,” added Folino. “Our sunscreen has been readily embraced by golfers worldwide and we look forward to continuing to educate people about the benefits of proper skin protection both on and off the golf course.”

For more information about SKIN Sunscreen, visit

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