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COBRA Golf Introduces New Snakebite Wedges Delivering Ultimate Versatility

A new milled face and SNAKEBITE grooves maximize spin performance in all conditions

CARLSBAD, CA – COBRA® Golf, a leader in golf club innovation, unveiled today the updated SNAKEBITE Wedges. The wedges will be available in three models – SNAKEBITE, SNAKEBITE One Length, and an-all new game improvement model, SNAKEBITEx. The updated SNAKEBITE groove design is engineered to maximize spin and fittingly produce more ‘bite’ around the greens.

The SNAKEBITE Groove Technology utilizes a re-engineered CNC Milling process to tighten groove tolerances, maximize groove volume, and create the most aggressive groove COBRA® Golf has created to date. The new Groove Technology increases the groove depth by 11% and sharpens the edges by 40% to deliver maximum spin to the ball. COBRA’s progressive spin technology optimizes performance by tailoring groove lengths and groove depth for each wedge loft. The 48–54-degree lofts feature a traditional groove length and narrower and deeper grooves to deliver consistent spin and trajectories on the lower lofted wedges. The 56–60-degree lofts feature full face groove length and wider and shallower grooves to maximize spin on shots with an open face when the ball is more likely to make contact with the high toe area. In addition, the 58- and 60-degree wedges feature a new versatile notch design that moves the classic COBRA® notch towards the heel for improved clubhead delivery through any turf or sand conditions.

The SNAKEBITE Wedge is available in two different finishes (satin chrome and QPQ black) and three grinds:

  1. Versatile grind: an excellent all-around grind for medium to firm course conditions, featuring toe, heel and trailing edge relief.
  2. Classic grind: features a progressive sole width from heel-to-toe, with trailing edge relief, for neutral to steeper swings in a variety of course conditions.
  3. Widelow grind: a wide, low bounce sole works its magic out of soft bunkers and soft turf conditions and prevents the leading edge from digging.

Delivering the same spin-enhancing groove technologies as the variable length model, the SNAKEBITE ONE Length Wedge is the perfect complement to COBRA’s ONE Length irons. Designed at 37.5”, the ONE Length configuration promotes a repeatable setup and swing for increased consistency and accuracy around the greens. The ONE Length is offered in 48-, 52-, 54-, 56- and 60-degree lofts with the Versatile Grind.

The SNAKEBITEx Wedge is an all-new game improvement model featuring a HOLLOW CAVITY BACK DESIGN built with a SOFT TPU INSERT resulting in game-changing forgiveness and great feel. The wedge features full face SNAKEBITE grooves across all lofts to provide superior spin performance on any open
face shots. Additionally, the wedge is equipped with a new teardrop grind that provides versatility in any turf conditions. The SNAKEBITEx is offered in 48-, 52-, 56-, 60-degree lofts in a satin chrome finish.

Each SNAKEBITE Wedge features a black Lamkin Crossline grip. The SNAKEBITE and SNAKEBITE One Length Wedges come equipped with an aftermarket KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 (125g) steel shaft. The SNAKEBITEx Wedge is offered with a KBS MAX 85 (102g) steel shaft.


Duca Del Cosma Launches Its Most Advanced SS23 Golf Shoe Range

NORTH PALM BEACH, FL  – New designs & ultra-lightweight outsole tech push boundaries of fashionable innovation-Luxury golf shoe brand Duca del Cosma is launching its super stylish SS23 golf shoe collection featuring the most advanced footwear innovations and outstanding new styles offering top performance and a feel-good factor both on and off the course.

A pioneering ultra-lightweight D-Eva outsole technology is applied to four styles to ensure golfers can continue enjoying all-day comfort and game-enhancing performance in a lighter shoe without compromising on foot support and stability in the swing.

Designs headlining the latest handcrafted range across its four distinctively different style categories – ‘Pro’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Sporty’ and ‘Classic’ – include the standout DANDY men’s shoe and super glamorous ALEXA women’s style, while the vibrant POSITANO and PADOVA shoes for men and women respectively are amongst the styles incorporating the advanced outsole technology that pushes the boundaries of fashionable innovation.

Further innovations in the SS23 collection include a waterproof sock system with OnSteam® recyclable microfibre technology applied to a number of shoes in the range, while the breathable ARNEFLEX® insert sole is also manufactured using recycled materials and delivers unrivalled all-day comfort. A recyclable heel and toe-cap come on all styles.

Building on the brand’s popular brogue style designs in the ‘Classic’ range, the standout DANDY shoe features a supremely fashionable houndstooth print on the upper to deliver a truly individual look. Aimed at golfers seeking something exceptional, the shoe is crafted using soft Italian Nappa leather with a predominantly White outer. It incorporates a highly comfortable ARNEFLEX® memory foam insert sole and an Airplay 11 outsole for uncompromising grip and stability.

The POSITANO is one of several new men’s shoes in the ‘Sporty’ section to feature the DEva outsole offering a well-constructed fit to ensure golfers can perform at the highest level in a lightweight build without sacrificing foot support. A three-tone color design on the premium Italian Nappa leather outer brightens up any fairway and clubhouse. It is available in White/Cognac/Jeans, Grey/White/Red and White/Navy/Red with two sets of laces.

The stylish PAGANI shoe, crafted from premium microfibre, is a standout model in the ‘Fashion’ segment. It merges unrivalled fashionable looks in an athletic design to offer golfers a highly versatile option. It is another style to feature the latest D-Eva outsole technology and ARNEFLEX® memory foam insert sole to deliver all-day sneaker like comfort, while the waterproof sock system is essential for protection in wet conditions. The PAGANI is available in three stylish colorways, including a striking White model with a contrasting houndstooth print that is sure to catch the eye of others.

Providing on-trend looks in the ‘Fashion’ category, the trendy GIRONA is a modern take on the sophisticated brogue design. Featuring the lightweight D-Eva outsole, the shoe is crafted from premium Italian Nappa leather to deliver optimal comfort and outstanding style on the course and in the clubhouse. The waterproof capabilities and breathable ARNEFLEX® memory foam insert sole makes it ideal for wearing in all conditions to ensure feet remain dry. It comes in the White/Green/Navy and Navy/Red colorways with two pairs of laces.

Remaining in the men’s collection for 2023 are the award-winning CHURCHILL, REGENT and ELPASO ‘Classic’ shoes; FLYER, KINGSCUP and KUBA 2.0 ‘Sporty’ models; plus Tour-inspired JL1 & JL2 shoes in the ‘Pro’ line designed by six-time DP World Tour winner Joost Luiten.

For women golfers, the chic ALEXA model is a contemporary, feature-packed design that stands out for all the right reasons. Under the brand’s ‘Fashion’ choices, it incorporates the Airplay 17 outsole with strategically positioned nubs to deliver grip and stability during the swing. Available in White, Pink and Taupe/Cheetah, the shoe is designed to complement a number of daring golfing outfits.

The PADOVA shoe is the perfect choice for golfers seeking a ‘Sporty’ sneaker-style with the performance of a top-quality golf shoe. It features the innovative D-Eva outsole to provide a lightweight feel, optimal support and a sturdy grip. The easy-to-maintain recycled microfibre upper ensures the shoe is suitable for the golf course and other activities away from it. The refreshing White option with subtle pink detailing delivers a clean look, whilst those golfers seeking a bold appearance might choose the White/Aqua colorway.

The classic SERENA design delivers elegance in abundance and is sure to turn heads. Crafted from premium quality Italian Nappa leather and soft recyclable PU patent material, the shoe provides optimal comfort and breathability. The White/Taupe and Navy/White color options deliver a guaranteed fashion statement for those golfers wanting to impress.

Women golfers looking to dazzle on and off the course can look to the trendy BOREAL shoe from the ‘Fashion’ category. It offers a super appealing appearance and top functionality, via the premium Nappa leather construction and ARNEFLEX® insert sole that provide exceptional comfort in all activities. Available in a refreshingly bright Silver color and a clean White colorway with a contrasting Ambra outsole.

Remaining in the women’s collection for 2023 are the award-winning WILDCAT, KING CHEETAH, BELLEZZA and CALDES shoes; plus the sporty QUEENSCUP and KUBANEO styles.

The global brand sells its premium shoes in 46 different countries and operates from four offices around the world – The Netherlands (HQ), United States, United Kingdom and South Africa.

Visit Duca del Cosma Golf HERE

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